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Aragonite spiritual meaning

Aragonite spiritual meaning

Aragonite is supposed to encourage honesty, understanding and an unclouded vision of reality. Believed to be a stone of caring, it uplifts your sentiments from stressed oppression into freedom and clarity via its capacity to improve tolerance, trust and awareness by offering insights into the basis of issues.

    What Chakra does Aragonite help?

    As a tremendously stabilising stone, it's no surprise to learn that Aragonite is all about the root chakra. The root chakra is our basis and one of our most essential energy centres.

    What is Aragonite used for spiritually?

    Aragonite is a balancing stone that concentrates and grounds physical energy, being effective in time of stress. It helps to prepare for meditation and stabilises spiritual growth. It gives insight into the sources of issues and situations.

    What crystals go with Aragonite?

    You may also match it with Black Tourmaline and Dalmatian Jasper, and even with Brown or Blue Aragonite. When used in conjunction with Rhodochrosite, Aragonite will be an useful and supportive stone for individuals who are focused on spiritual pursuits.

    How can you cleanse Aragonite?

    Fill an empty spray bottle with either charcoal filter water or alkaline water. Choose one that sprays as a mist instead of pouring water in a steady stream. Hold your spray bottle about a 1-1 ½ feet away from the aragonite and sprinkle with water. Let sit for a time until you feel the aragonite is purified.

    What is white aragonite excellent for?

    White aragonite may be an excellent stone for providing you calm and insight. They are generally recognised for their tranquil and stabilising energies, since the frequency of white aragonite resonates best with the third eye and crown chakras. Aragonite is a stone that naturally improves clarity and insight.

    What is pink Aragonite useful for?

    Pink Aragonite with its gentle pink colour connects with the Heart Chakra and is beneficial in concerns of love and relationships. It teaches us patience, stability, trust, understanding of others points of view and may bring serenity and quiet into our relationships making them healthier and much more satisfying.

    Is pink Aragonite beneficial for love?

    In hues of pink, Aragonite possesses immense power over the heart, and is effective in situations of love. This stone is related with attributes of patience, stability, problem-solving, and tranquilly into your love life, so that you may have deeper, better, and more meaningful relationships.

    What is white Aragonite?

    A magnificent Earth healer, White Aragonite, also known as Cave Calcite, links our Crown Chakra to our Root Chakra. It roots us, improves patience, and inspires us to take responsibility for ourselves and for the Earth.

    What is green Aragonite?

    Green Aragonite is a Heart chakra healing stone that is helpful for reducing tension and anxiety. It is a peaceful meditation crystal, and it brings Wood Energy into a place or life.

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