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Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You

Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You

Our inhibitions, our fear of commitment, and our attachment patterns often interfere with love. Even if both sides have strong feelings, the people involved in the equation may not be able to express their feelings easily. You know what I mean: "Is he denying his affection for me?"

    If there is a certain person in your life that is sending you confusing signals, it's time to look for evidence that he has romantic feelings for you but is trying to suppress it. You can decide where to go from here until you better understand how he feels.

    When spending time with a new man, he will experience a bit of envy.

    When you see him with other people, pay attention to his behavior if you are looking for signs that he is fighting his emotions for you. Especially if he doesn't want to be personally interested in him.

    He doesn't say anything about it, but he'll envy you when he finds out you're spending time with someone you don't know. He will ponder your relationship with the person and will probably casually ask about his identity. Men are territorial beings who fear when the object of their feelings is entertained by other men.

    For a moment he is completely focused and then moves away.

    The first red flag you should look for is this person's mismatch. You know exactly what I'm talking about. A person who one day is very attentive and then suddenly withdraws.

    For a while, this man will treat you like a princess. And the very moment he thinks he has come to his senses, he changes his attitude and becomes cold and callous.

    He will not abandon you completely, but you will feel that something is wrong. Whether he admits it or not, he seems to change into a different person overnight. Everything will happen for no apparent purpose. Naturally, you wonder if you are dealing with two separate men or if this man has two personalities.

    When dealing with a player, this is usually one of the most prevalent red signs, but in this case his withdrawal would be less flashy, long-term and detrimental. He will send SMS at random intervals, but not every day. You won't hear from him for days at a time. If you don't text him when this happens he will text you.

    Unpredictable Behavior

    As I said before, the most embarrassing aspect of all of that was that one day he seemed to care about me, and then he moved away and became inaccessible. It upset me, and I often wondered why he didn't understand what he really wanted from me and how much he meant to me. Inconsistent behavior can be annoying, but it's one of the obvious signs that he has deep feelings for you but is hesitant to express it.

    If it feels like he wants more but he backs off, it could be because of the situation or the previous burden on his mind. In this situation, you need to evaluate whether he can overcome inhibitions and provide a solid and rewarding relationship. Depending on your reaction, you need to focus on moving on or making the pushes he needs to confide in his feelings.

    Sudden encounters make them seem uncomfortable or stiff.

    An accidental meeting with him would be a nightmare. It would be like an ambush that happens when he doesn't expect it.

    He would be anxious for a moment to see what he looked like, who he was with, and what he was doing right now. Raising his voice to a higher tone makes his speaking ability stutter. You may be wondering why he is so anxious about being interrogated by the police. This is especially true if he is regularly calm and serene.

    As you speak, he listens carefully and remembers a lot about you.

    Can he remember little details about you? Does he know your favorite food and color? If someone woke him up in the middle of the night, would he remember the lyrics of his favorite song in his heart?

    Does he try to strip every layer of his personality? Does he notice even the smallest change in your behavior? So what's a bigger "I love you" than that? This type of behavior is a sure sign that he loves you, so he doesn't need to divulge his true feelings.

    He accepts everything you say. He remembers what you said inadvertently weeks ago, which you don't remember. He will surprise you with the details you said randomly. He's also likely done extensive research on your social media profiles and will continue to monitor your location even if he doesn't use the like button too often.

    His inquiries are too private.

    Men are more likely to use the same clich├ęd pickup line when approaching you. That applies to the same old question that most men ask when they want more from you. Most of the time, you'll have casual conversations without bringing up important topics. Men can ask more about your love life, work, and other essential details.

    Things will be different if you're dealing with a guy who is really interested in you but is trying to hide it. This is the one who will go deeper into the hole. He's not interested in the public you put forward. He wants to know who you really are.

    He is interested in learning everything he can about you. In addition to the usual little chat queries, he'll ask some deeper questions. He will love to hear from you on many topics, likes and dislikes, romantic past, and more. It's not always enjoyable, but he wants to minimize the risk of injury.

    He wants to see if you deserve his trust. He wants to know who you are because he tells you a lot about what kind of GF you will become.

    He is a keen observer who notices even the smallest facts about you.

    One of the indicators that he fights emotions for you is your ability to remember trivial details. It may be the product of his constant spying on your social media, or it may be that his subconscious attraction is freeing up space in his brain. You may not remember these details!

    He will remember everything from small urges for certain foods two weeks ago to important information you secretly provided. Remember, a man who is attracted to someone will know everything about his antagonism.

    He is your fierce protector.

    He follows you like a bodyguard, always checking how you are doing and making sure you have access when needed. He likes this kind gesture at first, but he can go too far and anger him. Don't oppose him. It's just his way of expressing the emotions he's trying to suppress.

    He will appreciate your help with your needs.

    He almost always offers to help with anything. It can be different from listening to you and giving advice on doing hard things like moving furniture and putting new paint on the walls. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty or to sit and listen to you for hours. He lets you know that you can rely on him to get the job done.

    At first I think he is simply polite and pleasant. You are probably a great friend. So it's not uncommon for him to help you. But if you look carefully, you can see that he is trying to help you. Remember, this man is not your lover, so it is not his responsibility to take care of you.

    Nevertheless, he continues to do it. He doesn't act this way to get into your skin or look like a lovely person. He appreciates helping you and doing good for you. He wants you to know that you can count on him no matter what happens.

    If he does random acts of love, he has a deep affection for you.

    After arguing over text messages, the next morning you find a lovely flower or your favorite cupcake on the front door. When he suddenly pulls you closer and kisses you on the cheek, you are dancing in the bar together. After you've had a hard day at work, he comes to your house to take you on a bike ride and coffee date.

    When you think of this unique romantic gesture as a sign that he likes you, he doesn't react in any way. "Is he trying to hide his affection for me?" When your friend turns into a walking and talking broadcaster of confusing messages, this question can drive you crazy. And you are right for the money with your guess. This expression of affection is one of the most obvious signs that he has a deep affection for you but is hesitant to express it.

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