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Psychic Sensations - Are you Psychic?

Psychic Sensations. Are you Psychic?

To some degree, everyone has psychic abilities. From meditations, seminars, and basic "guts" to seeing future events, you can enhance your innate talents with awareness of the talents you have today!

    Spectrum of mental abilities

    Psychic ability is described as the intrinsic ability to analyze sensory input from both tangible and subtle stimuli at the deep emotional, physical, or spiritual level. Of course, this is a fairly broad term. Because the levels and applications of extrasensory abilities vary so much, it makes sense to think of psychic abilities as a spectrum.

    Extrasensory experiences can manifest as planetary layouts in natal charts, card spreads, and even casual conversations about manifestations. I am always excited to meet fellow psychics and happy to share what I have learned. But being a psychic is not simple, and many people misunderstand what this power involves. It takes patience, practice, and a lot of dedication while working with psychic abilities.

    So, which of the following best describes you?

    The seven mental powers are:


    The ability to see or perceive visions clearly: The clairvoyant medium has the ability to "see" things with the mind's eye, often known as the third eye. These illusions appear to us as mental flashes that contain images of people, situations, locations, objects, souls, symbols, and colors.

    Sensory sensing: Also known as intuition or 'intuition'. You have the ability to perceive and experience both happy and bad emotions from the Spirit. Your guide is conveying emotions that are definitely different from your own. You can be alerted in this way, such as feeling sinking when something goes wrong or feeling dizzy and ecstatic when something fantastic is about to happen.

    Taste: You can "taste" the essence of the soul. Spirits can influence personality or behavior, and this influence can take the form of flavor. This is usually what they enjoyed when they were in physical form.

    Smell: The ability to perceive odors or perfumes transmitted by the soul. People around you often don't even notice the smell. It may have to do with the spirit giving the message. For example, sniffing a cigarette for someone who used to smoke, smoking a pipe, or smelling that person's favorite perfume.

    Touch: Psychometry is a term that refers to touch or sensation. You can receive a message by touching or holding an object in your hand. The object is personal and the owner's vibration may be felt in the composition or content of the object.


    Clear Hearing: The ability to "hear" messages from beyond this world. Messages are being sent straight to your brain. Occasionally, inexplicable voices or mixed sounds similar to those heard on the radio can be heard.


    Anyone can sense emotions, but empathy media can detect or feel the emotions of a person or soul. By tapping on someone else's emotions, you can feel their joy, excitement, ecstasy, pride, sadness, anger, and fear.

    It can infer the characteristics of its owner and can see, hear, and feel what is happening around the owner in the past or present. Psychics usually have one or more of these abilities and can be used alone or in combination. The most common is clairsentience, which almost everyone has used at least once in their lifetime. It is common to have one to three psychic senses, but it is rare to have all of them.

    Psychic Skills Development

    Psychic abilities most often develop in infancy. These skills are either passed down through family members (who teach this language directly or indirectly) or are developed as a result of environmental factors. We see more, see more, hear more, feel more as young people. Because this is an essential survival instinct that allows us to safely navigate the world.

    But as we age, we are instructed to calm our emotions, ghosts do not exist, and sorrow is always visible. As a result of this brainwashing, we begin to feel that emotions and intuition are incompatible with science and reason. We deny our abilities, ridicule "clairvoyance" and accept the physical world as the whole of our being.

    Where do I start if I am Psychic? Steps to follow.

    It's hard to tell whether you have these extraordinary abilities or not if you're not particularly careful. Talking to a professional psychic and starting your own reading can be a good starting point. 

    The next step in your journey is to examine all sorts of psychic skills and see if there are traits you recognize in yourself. It can be a daunting task to categorize a talent glossary and do all the research to see if you have the skills to leverage. So we've got the job done for you and put together a detailed, easy-to-digest list of technologies and their definitions.

    Akashic Records 

    Akasha is a dimension larger than the dimension in which we live, a dimension in which you can store every idea and action you've ever had or could have. Having access to the Akashic Records means that you can understand and predict future events as well as better understand your own history.

    Angel reading

    Reading Angels requires a psychic who uses intuition and clairvoyance in addition to a deck of angel cards. Psychics connect with angels through cards, who provide direction and spiritual intelligence to everyone they see.

    Animal reading

    Animal reading is a technique used by psychics who have a strong bond with animals. It works similarly to psychic reading, except that the energy is focused on interpreting and tapping the animal's mind. It's a technique that can help people better understand dogs.

    Completion is automatic.

    Automatic writing, also known as psychography, is the phenomenon of writing directly from psychic abilities. A psychic on paper can contain phrases from the subconscious or even another world.

    Chakra rejuvenation

    To purify someone's chakras, you must first be able to read their energies, detect when the chakras are being blocked, and understand what needs to be done to reset these energies. Consider this: When you are with other people, do you notice if their energy is low or high? Can you tell right away if they are in an emotional mold? If you have this kind of psychic talent, chakra cleaning can be the next step in your psychic development.


    The ability to see into the future is called clairvoyance. If you've ever had a hand feeling or intuition about an event that hasn't happened yet (which can only happen after your foresight), you're one of the lucky ones with clairvoyance.


    Cartomancy is a type of fortune-telling using a traditional deck of cards. Cartomancers can draw a series of cards from the deck and interpret it as a medium of divination.


    The mysterious association between numbers and co-occurrence is called numerology. Have you ever noticed that your connection to numbers is weird? Perhaps you have noticed that certain numbers appear in your life in direct proportion to the events that occur? Then numerology can become a topic of interest.

    Tarot reading online

    Online Tarot Reading is a popular and modernized version of the ancient art. Tarot card readers like Katomansi choose from a specific deck of cards and interpret their fate according to the cards they choose. Because practicing the tarot requires a high level of attention, comprehension, and talent, it may take time and practice to develop your skills.

    The ability to look at a picture and get psychic information from the person shown is called picture reading. Perhaps it is a picture of a loved one who has broken up or a friend who is going through a difficult time. A psychic who can interpret pictures can see past, present and future.

    Psychological counseling

    A psychic medium is an intuitive person with the ability to communicate with ghosts from other worlds. They have the ability to read and fully understand the souls of the living, as well as communicate with the souls of the dead. Psychic intermediate talents are usually easy to spot within yourself, as they have a strong presence that cannot be ignored.

    Reading for soulmates

    Readings that predict a partner are known as soulmate readings. It is a kind of tarot or psychic reading that focuses on bringing together two souls that have not yet met.

    Soul healer

    Chakra cleaning and spiritual healing are similar. Healers have the ability to transmit celestial energy into the body to achieve overall healing of body and mind.


    When you think of psychic talents, you might think of an elderly woman wearing a crystal ball and scarf who claims to have been endowed with extraordinary abilities as a result of an ancient gypsy curse. It may seem fun, but that's not the reality of possessing psychic powers. Psychic skills can manifest in many different ways and can penetrate the brains of individuals of all levels. Normal, baggy, without a scarf. In fact, it is very acceptable to wonder if you possess any psychic talent. Because there is a possibility.

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