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Opal Spiritual Meaning

Opal spiritual meaning

Opal, sometimes known as "eye stone", is a spooky delight. It glows with even the smallest movement and attracts the attention of those who see the amazing 'fire'. This is a stone that arouses love and optimism, innocence and purity, good luck and happiness, because it is so attractive to the eye.

Roman historian Pliny the Elder characterized opal as a precious gem with the blazing flame of carbuncle (garnet), dazzling purple of amethyst, and brilliance of emerald sea-green—all of which combine in a striking combination to characterize opal as exquisite. pleasure.

It was considered the most enchanting and enigmatic gemstone of the ancient world, and was worn for its properties to relax and strengthen eyesight, cure eye disorders and bring good luck, as the hue contained within it all the virtues of a living gem.

    Despite its beauty and great desire, her reputation as the "Queen of Jewels" has been tarnished for some time by rumors, calamities and bizarre deaths. Despite the myth, opal was used in the 20th century and is now a popular gem, especially among those born in October. It is also a traditional gift to commemorate the 14th wedding anniversary.

    Opal acts as a prism within the aura, bringing a wide range of light energy into the system, relaxing and cleansing the emotional body, enhancing the desire to live in the metaphysical realm and the enjoyment of earthly life. It not only rekindles hope, excitement, and creativity, but it also releases inhibitions, evoking love and desire. Because opal promotes cosmic awareness and generates flashes of intuition and insight, it is a protective stone for deep inner labor, meditation, and shamanic journeys to the underworld.

    Features and properties of Opal

    Opal's potential to bring its features and properties to the surface for her study and transformation is well known. Opal absorbs and reflects light in the same way that thoughts, emotions, desires, and repressed emotions gather, magnify and return to their source.

    Focusing on your negative traits can be intimidating, but it helps you understand how harmful these feelings can be, and it helps in the process of letting go. Opal also enlightens one's beneficial actions and emotions, strengthening goodness and reality and encouraging one's full potential. What you send out is a karma gem that reminds you of returning to yourself.

    Opal is hydrated silicon dioxide, which consists of ultrafine silica spheres linked by water and more silica, with appropriate doses of the minerals cristobalite and tribal. It is classified as a "mineraloid" rather than a "mineral" as it is amorphous, meaning it has no crystalline structure or specific chemical makeup.

    As the water evaporated, the gelatinous mixture penetrated deep into cracks, veins, and subterranean layers of sedimentary rock, developing opal, a crystallized mineral. Opal originated from masses with botryoidal development in the form of stalagmites or, in rare cases, as a substitute for fossils. The moisture content of opal is between 3% and 21% by weight after solidification, with an average of between 6% and 10%.

    "Precious Opal", also known as "Rainbow Opal", is the rarest of the three basic forms of opal, is mined in only a few places around the world, and is a phenomenon that when rotated in light produces beautiful flashes or iridescent streaks.

    This is known as the "play of colors". This color is not due to the pigment in the stone, but an optical effect formed when small spheres solidify into a regular grid-like pattern, comparable to a layer of ping-pong balls inside a box.

    Light waves flowing through the opal's internal structure are refracted and split into spectral colors due to the spacing between the spheres. The color and quality of the diffracted light and the value of the opal are determined by the size and geometric packing of the sphere.

    The "Common Opal", also known as the "Potch", can be found in various locations around the world and takes the shape of spheres of various sizes or stacks with little color play. Milky refers to the normally displayed milky or pearlescent color. A third variety, known as "Fire Opal," is a clear to translucent opal with a vivid red, orange or yellow body color most commonly mined in Mexico. Occasionally the stones may show weak marks or burst a vivid green, but usually there is little color play.

    Opal is available in a variety of colors including colorless, white, yellow, red, orange, green, brown, black, and blue, and can be transparent, translucent, or opaque. They have a brittle toughness and are often cut into cabochons to show off their full color gamut.

    Solid Opal refers to a stone formed entirely of Precious Opal, and its thin but lovely layers are often double-stranded (including backing) or triple-stranded (with a crystal dome on top for backing and protection). is created. Opal is Australia's national gem, producing 97% of the world's supply.

    This opal is created in a sedimentary environment and is very stable and unbreakable. Another opal, known as hydrophane because of its ability to absorb water, occurs as a result of volcanic activity. These opals have varying degrees of porosity and are prone to cracking or breakage.

    Below are some of the most common Opal variants, along with brief descriptions and overviews of their metaphysical properties.

    Common opal from the Peruvian Andes; clear to opaque, delicate pastel blue, turquoise or pearlescent pink; Some stones are cut to incorporate a black or beige matrix into more opaque stones. Andean opal is a gift from Pachamama, the first Inca goddess of fertility and earth goddess, and is a good comfort stone for children, animals and people who are weary of life.

    Not only is this very beneficial for healing past emotional wounds in this life or a previous life, but it also provides inner calm to help you overcome difficult situations. Stones of the Andean encourage appropriate actions for ultimate good, connection with people, and heartfelt conversations. They raise awareness of the need to repair the Earth and benefit those who create and transform vibrational changes through their bodies.

    Spiritual Meaning of Andean Opal 

    Andean Opal is a great travel stone because it is very responsive and induces a bit of hypnosis that helps with divination and metaphysical abilities. These stones are excellent for stimulating the heart and throat chakras because they transmit water energy.

    Dark gemstone or black gem opal, usually black or dark gray, dark blue or green; The dark body color distinguishes the iridescent dance from the bright opal. Most of the Black Precious Opals are mined in the Lightning Ridge of New South Wales, Australia, and are the most famous and popular opals on the planet. Black opal is the most uplifting of all opals, drawing light into the aura.

    It relieves anxiety and dispels sadness and pessimism, letting them face their deepest fears and holding them back. Connecting the root and crown chakras, the black opal is a powerful magnifier of intention and expression, as it links the deepest spiritual ambitions of man with the physical body.

    It can be used to "observe" the past, present, or future, and is a protective stone for deep inner workings, soul search, or past life reminiscences. It is highly regarded as a power stone for magical rituals and can be used to "read the eyes" to judge a person's honesty or purpose. Black opal is an elemental stone of storms that symbolizes death and reincarnation using the power of fire.

    Spiritual Meaning of Boulder Opal

    A precious opal that develops inside a cavity or fissure in a parent rock (usually ironstone or sandstone), either cut into the stone remaining on the back for support or as a layer of opal within a matrix stone because the veins are relatively thin. It's possible.

    Each finished item is unique and unique, mined in Queensland, Australia. Boulder opal is a near-nature amulet that contains both warm earth energy and the enlightening power of fire. They help spiritually inclined individuals thrive in the real world by helping practical people develop their spiritual side. 

    Boulder opal is excellent for helping individuals who struggle to balance conscious and unconscious thinking, provide clarity and emotional stability, and create a solid home environment without losing a sense of adventure. Hold this stone in an earthy location to connect with the soil and plant spirits and for patience when things get rough.

    Spiritual Meaning of Common or "porch" opal

    An opaque, non-color play opal that can be found in many parts of the world. Available in almost any color, they have a beautiful luster and can be cut into high-gloss diamonds.

    Common opals are metaphysically beautiful because they vibrate at a lower frequency than translucent or burning opals. And it provides gentle, caring support for the emotional body. They can help treat anxiety, chronic stress, depression, insomnia and nightmares, as well as subconsciously enduring pain.

    Common Opal contains earth and water energies and can be used to align and balance the chakras and balance the male and female energies inside the body. Common Opal encourages connection with the higher self and the subtle world by stimulating the proper flow of energy through the body to create a quiet, focused mind for prayer and meditation. This gorgeous stone has the ability to attract celestial beings and makes a great gift if left in a remote location.

    Transparent to translucent crystal opal "clear" body color can be colorless, light or dark, and precious opal has excellent color play. Crystal opal is a powerful stone of health and healing that benefits the whole body. It instills in life a high spirit and a deep sense of pleasure and excitement. It uses the element of fire to stimulate ingenuity, imagination and creativity, art and poetry, and to help you realize what will remain when your "sojourn" in your body is over. Crystal opals can be used to evoke illusions in the realm of eternity and "observation".

    Spiritual Meaning of Ethiopian opal

    Ethiopian opal is a hydrophane opal that grows from the ash inner nodules of rhyolite seams. It comes in a variety of shades and patterns, and bright color explosions are the most common. Despite its porosity, a new Opals discovered in 2008 in Ethiopian Welo region has been shown to be incredibly stable. It can absorb water, change its transparency or opacity, and then return to its previous state without negative reaction or breakage.

    This stone is fantastic for working with water energy, which is associated with stillness, quiet power and purification. Discovered at the Yita Ridge in 1994, the original red or brown-based Ethiopian Flash Opal is a high-vibration fire energy stone of ancient knowledge that burns past karma and opens the way to regeneration, better recognizable by metaphysical healers.

    This stone contains a soul hologram and provides access to the past, present and future, enhancing all metaphysical abilities. Full of joy, this stone activates the basal and sacral chakras, balancing all the subtleties of the body and allowing the whole body to work harmoniously. Ethiopian opal is said to have positive dragon energy that can be used for both personal and global purposes.

    Spiritual Meaning of Fire opal

    Fire opal, also known as Mexican fire opal, is a clear to translucent opal, with a vivid red, orange or yellow body color with no opalescence or color display. The most important source is Mexico. Precious Fire Opal, often known as "Firmament Stone", is a type of opal with iridescent flashes. Fire opals harness the power of the elemental fire to inspire passions ranging from physiological desires to spiritual well-being.

    They can activate qi and stimulate the basal and sacral chakras to increase kundalini energy. They are ideal for acupressure/acupuncture treatments that target the triple burner meridian. Fire opal is linked to the creativity of the universe, encouraging emotional expression through art.

    Fire opal is a great business stone because it attracts money, enables change and heralds progress. It is an ideal attraction for individuals who want to be self-sufficient and follow their own standards, as well as those who want to make a name for themselves in life, either personally or professionally.

    Fire opals defend against danger and are especially useful for withdrawing themselves from injustice or cruel situations. They can also be used to release deep emotions of mourning, even if they originate from a previous incarnation. Dress more optimistic, sociable and confident.

    Spiritual Meaning of Matrix Opal

    Precious opals interspersed within the parent rock (usually ironstone or sandstone). Here, the opal appears to fill the venous network or pore space. In their original state, they usually have a "finnfire" tint. The best known matrix opal originates from Australia, namely Andamooka and Queensland, and "Yowah Nuts" can be found in the opal fields of southwest near Queensland. Yowa Nut is a spherical sandstone impregnated with precious opal.

    Honduras Black Opal is a basalt matrix opal appreciated for its black body tint and pinfire flash. Matrix Opal is a metaphysical stone that enhances any experience, deepens emotions, and provides comfort in times of fear or loss. It aids decision-making by keeping a single rationale and providing clarity in difficult situations.

    Matrix opal is a great stone to relax your inner soul. It promotes emotional equilibrium by helping to recognize and strive for one's true wishes, aspirations, ambitions and dreams, as well as love one's body and earthly life. Combining the energies of earth and fire, the matrix opal connects spiritual and animal guides, and can be used to stabilize energy and facilitate communication in ring rituals.

    Spiritual Meaning of Milk Opal

    Milk Opal is a generic term for Common Opal, but is also used to describe a milky Precious Opal or a dull Opal with a light background. In many cultures, milk opal is known as the mother goddess' milk drop and serves as a special amulet of protection, care and support. They calm and purify the emotional body, provide hope and optimism, and increase joy and desire in life.

    Milk Opal promotes openness, acceptance, communication and connection with self and others. It creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere, making it suitable for individuals caring for newborns, children, needy mothers or the vulnerable. Milk Opal is especially useful in workplaces to calm angry employees in areas such as customer service, help desks and helplines.

    Dendritic opal, often known as moss opal, is a milky to brown opal. Dark green moss, various silicates, horn blends, or common opals with manganese oxide in the shape of wood or ferns; No color play. Dendritic Opals are great for connecting with the natural world and communicating with the spirits of nature.

    They encourage physical and spiritual development, as well as provide assistance in navigating relationship and group dynamics, helping to remain open and accessible despite negative experiences. Dendritic opal aids in healing past wounds or past lives and the ability to reach out to people without prejudice. They excel at achieving personal goals and bringing wealth and success into their lives.

    Spiritual Meaning of Oregon Opal

    A variation of transparent to translucent opal found only in Opal Butte, Oregon, which is surprisingly transparent and flashes a deep blue-violet or yellow-orange opalescence when faceted. Not to be confused with Common Opal and other varieties mined from Opal Butte.

    This opal was discovered a century ago by a shepherd and promoted by Tiffany's at the turn of the century. Oregon opal is a very spiritual stone that contains the energy of fire, allowing you to travel between dimensions and explore past lives for karmic healing. Jinseok is a person who discovers lies and illusions from others and himself, and helps to release past sorrows, traumas, and disappointments. 

    Oregon Opal may gently stimulate the Solar Plexus Chakra and enhance the happy side of emotional liberation, allowing you to express yourself, act decisively, trust your own direction and intuition, while other Opal may increase the experience of painful emotions. It encourages people to enjoy the process of life and exploration without being bound by preconceived notions of what is possible.

    Common Opal, discovered in 2003 at the Sacred Indian Fountain in Owyhee, Oregon, featuring a vivid azure tint. It is usually transparent when first removed from the ground, but may become increasingly opaque as it dries. The high and celestial frequencies of the Owyhee Blue Opal connect the direction of the highest angels with the guardians of their souls.

    When used as a Dream Stone, it unlocks metaphysical skills, increases intuition, and improves kything, a two-way contact with the spirit realm. It is a protective stone for shamanic travel and multidimensional research, and empowers individuals to use the peaceful and serene power of water energy.

    It helps alleviate shyness, embarrassment, irrational worries about failure, and indecision. Combining the pure Blu-ray of the throat chakra with the third eye chakra, this stone helps you unleash your power to see, speak, and act with clarity, authority and confidence without being arrogant or aggressive. It has the tenderness that comes from knowing that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself.

    Spiritual Meaning of Water Opal

    Water Opal, also known as Hyalite, is a colorless, transparent mineral. Muller's Glass is a plain opal that is not colored and is made in botryoidal (grape-like) chunks or other unique shapes. Its structure resembles a network comparable to silica glass rather than discrete gel spheres.

    Hyalite is a unique opal that embodies all the mystical properties of opal while allowing the wearer's personality and inner light to pass through. It is an excellent stone for removing self-consciousness about appearance or distorted body image that interferes with socializing. It is also a charm stone that allows you to collect anything you need: resources, money, friends, etc.

    Water Opal connects the base and crown chakras to balance mood, improve meditation and promote spiritual connection. Its hazy depth can be used for divination and can help those transitioning out of the body to serve as a temporary home for the soul.

    Precious or White Precious Opal

    Precious or White Precious Opal is a light body color, usually white, yellow, or cream in color with rainbow-colored flashes. It is the best known of the opals and is most often used in jewelry. Most of the white precious opal is mined in Australia, especially in Coober Pedy, which is called "the opal capital of the world".

    The happiest of all opals, the white precious opal exudes optimism, humor, excitement, inspiration and creativity, and invigorates anyone with whom its energy is frequent. White Precious Opal uses the elements of fire and light to highlight and enhance every area of ​​your emotional body to help you identify and dispel past hurts, phobias, anger, as well as other negative patterns that harm yourself and others. 

    Then the aura is infused with the frequency of pleasure and livelihood, and divine light emerges from the energy field. It's fantastic for connecting with celestial beings and feeling more connected with your own soul guide. White opal is also a profound sign of lifelong love and is usually shared between twin souls with unfinished love obligations.

    White Precious Opal is a wishstone that inspires individuals who have gone through countless setbacks and renews their confidence in life. It is also useful to reverse bad luck. It is very auspicious to make a wish on an opal if there is a rainbow in the sky.

    Precious Opal that has been fossilized over time by partially replacing the organic components of tree, plant, or animal remains; These structures have been found inside dinosaur bones, marine animals, bogs, limb casts, or wood structures, and sometimes still produce the original growth rings of trees. 

    This tree energy amulet is geared towards the energies of growth, expansion, new beginnings, livelihood and health, and is great for giving you the impetus for actions you need to get closer to your own destiny.

    Nature Opal is a strong and durable stone that leads to the stillness inherent in all beings. They are excellent at removing small annoyances by motivating them to take the necessary steps to solve a problem, and "change what you can and don't worry about the problem. Rest."

    Uses and Benefits of Opal

    Opal provides calm and stability, reducing stress and despair, and helping people stop worrying and properly channel thoughts and energy. They are the antidote to the rushed brains and restless thoughts of examining the past or predicting the future.

    Opal calms the mind and gives pleasant dreams, providing a particularly comfortable rest for infants and individuals who have trouble sleeping or nightmares for no apparent reason. Precious Opal can help your child deal with problems they may have with an invisible or imaginary friend, and is especially useful before nightfall if your child wants to take a friend with them.

    Opal is a protective stone that acts as a screen to absorb the bad thoughts and emotions of others. Like using interference and diffraction to create color tones, you can create interference around difficult individuals or events that affect or impair your mood. Opal can also be used to create an "invisible veil" in situations where a person does not want to be seen or want to mix. Useful when entering dangerous areas or performing shamanic activities that require secrecy.

    Opal is a great gift for moms or prospective moms because it is linked to the energy of the Mother Goddess. Give a new accessory every time your child is born. At the full moon, burying a little milk opal under the willow, mother tree, or any fruit tree will promote pregnancy.

    Opal can help women overcome fears of childbirth that can interfere with trying to conceive, as well as help reduce excessive fears during pregnancy and during the first few months of a new baby. Opal is especially comforting for mothers suffering from empty nest syndrome.

    Opal is a fascinating stone linked to love, passion, desire and sexuality. It can be used to increase emotions and relieve inhibitions, but it can also split and dissipate energy, so it's important to ground yourself before using opals to explore or amplify your senses. Prepare a few more stones that will help in consolidation.

    Opal can be used to heal the Earth's energy fields by restoring depleted parts, re-energizing and stabilizing them.


    Opal is a great work stone because it promotes lightness, spontaneity and dynamic creativity, as well as humanitarian compassion and service. Ideal for people who work in or around water, such as physical therapists who use hydrotherapy.

    Those who teach or organize the creative or performing arts, as well as anyone who writes, dances, plays music, or sings, are inspired by white precious opals and fire opals. Channels, mediums, psychics and instructors that convey higher directions through voice and sound can benefit from Owyhee Blue Opals. Hypnotic therapists, past life regression counselors, shamans, and those who access and heal the deepest realms of the self and mind benefit from Black Precious Opals.

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