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Moonstone Spiritual Meaning

Moonstone spiritual meaning

Moonstone is a natural crystal mineral that captures the lunar energy associated with negative calming and soothing energies. Similarly, this stone improves intuition while promoting good well-being and balance.

Moonstone is a highly spiritual stone that brings clarity of mind and inner knowing. It helps one to connect with the feminine side of themselves and provides guidance during times of change. Moonstone is also a stone of cyclical change, teaching that nothing in life is permanent, and that all things eventually come to an end. This can be viewed as both a negative and positive attribute, depending on the person's perspective.

    Characteristics of Moonstone

    • Color: Milky with blue, gray, pink or green variations.
    • Soma, Third Eye, Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Up to 4 vibrations
    • It is native to Sri Lanka, India and Australia.

    Meaning of Moonstone

    The moon signifies celestial femininity in Feng Shui and many other spiritual traditions. The moonstone tells us that just as the cycle of the moon connects us with nature, so our lives flow with ebb and flow. Moonstone promotes empathy and compassion. It helps us approach our intuition.

    Moonstone stimulates the creative and intuitive abilities of the female energy. It can help balance and calm our emotions and anxiety. It can also bring us closer to the feminine and emotional side. Moonstones are contemplative and receptive and have negative energy connected to our minds.

    Moonstone's soothing and serene energy also encourages creativity, recovery and motherly protection. It also acts as a mirror, allowing us to see a clear image of ourselves.

    Moonstone applications of Feng Shui

    Here are some feng shui ideas you can incorporate moonstone into your home. You can even carry stones in your pocket as crumpled pieces.

    Place a piece of moonstone near your bed or under your heart to balance or reinforce your feminine feelings and increase your capacity.

    Find the Bagua position (military) for relationships in the bedroom. Place a piece of moonstone here for balance, understanding, healing and self-care.

    To improve balance and well-being while reducing stress, use bagua to place moonstones in health or coon areas throughout your home.

    Moonstone at work or workstation inspires us to be more creative.

    Crystals for cleansing and recharging.

    As with any other item in your home, it's a good idea to clean and charge your crystal on a regular basis.

    How to clean Moonstone?

    1. Soak the crystals in sea salt water for at least 24 hours. Use about 3 teaspoons of salt per cup of water.
    2. Visualize the halo of white moonlight surrounding the moonstone for the purpose of dispelling bad energy.
    3. Smudge the moonstone using a sage, palo santo or other smudge stick.

    Moonstone is a stone of inner development and strength, a stone for a "new beginning". Relieves emotional tension and instability, stabilizes and calms emotions. Moonstone improves intuition, inspires success, brings good luck in love and business.

    Moonstone aids the digestive system, assimilates nutrients, removes toxins and fluid retention, and relieves degenerative diseases of the skin, hair and eyes, as well as degenerative diseases of the liver and pancreas. Stimulates the pineal gland and balances the hormonal cycle, which has amazing effects on PMS, conception, pregnancy, delivery and lactation. Moonstone can also help men open up their emotional selves.

    Moonstones are highly regarded by jewelers and collectors alike, and have special value for those who believe in the stone healing powers. Moonstones, like any other gemstone, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and degrees of clarity. It is mined all over the world, but the most valuable examples are usually found in South Asia. Sri Lanka is known to be the only place where blue moonstone, the rarest and most precious form on Earth, is found.

    Moonstone crystal is one of the three birthstones of June along with pearl and alexandrite. As a result, it is the best birthday gift for anyone born in June.

    Moonstone is hard not to fall in love with because of its soft color and feminine character. If a friend or family member likes the crystal collection, they most likely have at least one moonstone on display.

    What exactly is a moonstone?

    Moonstone is a milky-white mineral belonging to the feldspar group and is often referred to as hecatolite. Moonstones, as their name suggests, have a unique glow or sparkle that has fascinated mankind for thousands of years.

    Moonstone specimens were coveted by the inhabitants of the ancient Roman and Greek empires because they were believed to contain divine lunar energy. Moonstone gemstones have been found around the world at different times in history and are still used extensively to make great decorative items for the home and body.

    What does the term "moonstone" mean?

    The meaning of moonstone crystals varies depending on where they are found, but they are generally said to reflect the energy of a divine woman. It is often associated with the lunar cycle as it draws powerful energy from the moon's cooling process. Moonstone appears to have amazing healing properties in many countries, groups, and civilizations, especially when used in conjunction with the worship of female gods.

    The moonstone is said to represent a new beginning because of its symbolic relationship with the moon. Moonstone links us into a process of starting over, in the same way that the moon develops and fades over time and is forever recreated in the night sky.

    Moonstone Health Benefits and Healing Powers

    The healing powers of moonstone crystals are thought to awaken and enhance the element of our own that we connect with femininity. Intuition, passion, abundance, and nurturing energy.

    Moonstone argues that if you feel detached from the feminine side, you can rebalance the masculine and feminine energies. In today's stressful and career-oriented world, this is very important. If you're having trouble finding the time to practice essential self-care, Moonstone can help you find the patience and care you need to bring nutrients back into your life.

    What's the best way to use moonstone?

    Moonstone is undoubtedly a lovely addition to any d├ęcor, exuding a sense of serenity up close. A great decorative element to use in any space in your home or in your backyard crystal garden.

    Moonstones are commonly used by jewelers to produce beautiful accessories, as previously mentioned. Wearing it on a ring, bracelet, necklace or earring is a great way to keep it close by if you want to look great and absorb the healing effects of the stone.

    Placing a moonstone in your home's common areas can transmit healing energy to those you come in contact with. Often associated with the Crown Chakra, the moonstone is sometimes used in crystalline healing therapies or meditation to help dispel negative thoughts, reduce pain and relieve stress.

    What is the cause of Moonstone's high price?

    Some moonstone crystals have properties that distinguish them from others. Milky and opaque moonstones are relatively easy to obtain and consequently cost less than other examples. The highest value moonstones are usually translucent and have a distinct blue color. This is very rare as it can no longer be found in the mines that previously produced it.

    This kind of moonstone and ornaments made from it can set astronomical prices due to their unique beauty and limited quantity. Some are known to sell for $700, but they are rare and the difference is huge.

    Are moonstones real gems?

    Moonstone is undoubtedly a true gem. Orthoclase, Sunstone, amazonite and labradorite are all members of the same class of gemstones rated for their unusual luster. Adularescence is the term that experts use to describe the unique shiny aspect of this gem family.

    How do you know if moonstone is good quality?

    When acquiring gems, it is important to get the best deal possible. Fortunately, the properties of high-quality moonstone are very clear.

    A good moonstone is often translucent, so cracks or other imperfections must be visible to the human eye. The adularescence will be greater the clearer the stone is. Although transparent moonstone is still popular, opaque moonstone is much more prevalent and costs about a tenth.

    Is Moonstone suitable for everyday use?

    There's no reason not to wear a moonstone every day, especially if it's part of your favorite jewelry. Moonstone, on the other hand, is generally considered to have the advantage of being recharged under moonlight to purify any remaining negative energy and restore healing powers.


    Do not use chemical detergents for moonstone. All you need is clean water to remove dirt or stains from the stone surface. Soaking the moonstone in natural fresh water is said to remove the bad energy it has collected, leaving it clean and ready to heal again.

    If you can find a river or waterfall, you'll get bonus points because the rapids are much more successful at this task. Also, crystal therapists often recommend putting the moonstone outdoors on starry evenings. They claim that direct moonlight is the best way to charge the moonstone crystal with celestial healing energy.

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