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Lions Gate Spiritual Meaning 2022

Lions gate spiritual meaning 2022

August 8, 2022, a new moon will rise in the fiery constellation Leo, ruling the heart and representing self-expression and creativity. This new moon is in the spotlight for the Lion's Gate, which occurs around August 8 each year, when Earth is in precise alignment with the fixed star Sirius to transmit creation-oriented energies. When Leo is combined with Sirius, who is associated with abundance and harvest, this energy provides a powerful opportunity to change your reality.

    Long-term efforts, ideas, connections and large-scale projects are bearing fruit today, bringing you closer to a more authentic world. The key to making the most of this time and expressing what's on your mind is to trust your intuition and let go of your preoccupation with how life should feel than it is now.

    This crescent of Leo

    In addition to entering Leo, the Leo crescent will form a close relationship with the unstable Uranus in Taurus as well as Saturn, the opposite of retrograde Aquarius. Uranus in Taurus is changing our collective ideals through unexpected events, while Saturn in Aquarius is constraining our collectives to foster innovation and growth.

    Instead of maintaining the status quo, this cosmic force is now making surprising decisions based on human honesty. Just as we need to be honest about our values, we also need new contracts. Mercury, the planet of communication, will be in Leo at this time and will begin this important and transformative dialogue.

    This crescent of Leo, which falls at the entrance to the Lion's Gate, is also a time of energy healing and prosperity.

    This crescent of Leo, which falls at the entrance to the Lion's Gate, is also a time of energy healing and prosperity. As the wounded warrior Chiron retrograde in Aries and Jupiter retrogrades in Aquarius, the sun and moon will make a healing connection.

    Transiting Chiron unleashes and heals the trauma that hinders creativity, while Jupiter retrograde supports the positive development of these inner efforts. These energies demonstrate the community's emphasis on healing and bring the gift of prosperity as a result of this inner growth.

    Lions Gate Gateway can affect your signs

    This new moon is a good time to sow seeds, start a new endeavor, or change your mindset. Learn how the Lions Gate Gateway can affect your signs in the sections below and tips on how to re-enable your signs and set new goals. For a more holistic view of the coming moon, look at the sun, moon and rising signs.


    As Aries, you will have a lot of fun and self-expression. If you are working on a long-term project or creative endeavor, you will see a lot of progress in this area of ​​your life right now. This is also a great time for a date because you are more likely to connect with someone and have fun doing so. If you have been married before, focus higher on your pleasure and happiness. If you don't change it, you may have to force the change. Others may focus on reproductive disorders in the near future.

    Use your inner child's imagination to follow your crescent manifestation suggestions. We have the urge to freely express who we are from birth until some external reason or trauma overshadows our light. During the new moon, take time to write a healing letter to your five-year-old self. It helps you to let go of everything that is preventing you from fully expressing yourself and to heal. Then meditate and give love to your 5-year-old self.


    It's time to focus on home, family and work. Powerful changes are taking place in this area, all ready to help you reach your full potential. If you've been down the path of an emotionally miserable life, you may have the opportunity you've been waiting for. Similarly, you can strive for situations that bring you pleasure and comfort in your home and where you live. A sudden change will be difficult to accept, but have faith in the universe.

    Nature has a great influence on Taurus according to your new moon manifestation guide. Spend some time meditating in a peaceful place such as a forest, park, or beach. Visualize your chosen future and experience the feeling of being in that reality right now through meditation. After that, if you write the goal in the present tense, you can increase your expressiveness even more.


    During the Lion's Gate Portal Time and the New Moon in Leo, your superpowers as an outstanding communicator will be highlighted. If you're working in marketing, writing, or creative, a real new project or concept can be developed. This can be really original or unexpected. Embrace the new! Another way this can happen is if you heal the way you hold yourself back from fully expressing yourself. Now is your chance to shine.

    New Moon Appearance Tip: Setting intents via scripting (writing) is a powerful way to plant new seeds during the new moon. Start writing with paper and green pen. You can also burn any candles you like at this time. From a first-person perspective, write down what you want to bring and what truly connects with your soul. Then fold the paper in half and roll it forward. Place a piece of paper under your pillow and let the candle burn completely before resting.


    You are most affected by the regular lunar cycle because the moon is the ruler of your constellation. Money and finances are radically changing for you as the new moon sets fire to this area of ​​your life. You can get new consumers, increase your income, or get the money you've been waiting for. This is what you deserve after a period of disappointment in the career that forced you to embrace your innate leadership abilities. It's time to break free from the crabs, shells and enjoy the rewards of hard work.

    Manifestation Tip for the New Moon: Horses can be used as spells and confirmations can help improve your financial position. This is just a declaration of abundance and success. Use a green pen to write 8 first-person phrases on a piece of paper, such as "Money is going to me", "All my bills are paid", and "I may never run out of readily available cash." Repeat the series of appearances 8 more times. Reading it alone every morning for 21 days makes a difference.


    Dear Leo, this is an important time for you because the new moon is in your zodiac sign. Expect a change in who you are and what you need to achieve in both professional and personal relationships. If you are single and looking for love, true relationships can develop and blossom. The new beginnings of important commercial connections are another sign of the crescent spirit. This year has been a year of self-discovery and deciding what you want from your partner. Cosmos can now deliver!

    Make a list of your personal or professional relationship needs with your new moon apparition suggestions. If we know what we want from the universe, it's easier to get it.


    The crescent moon is shaking your subconscious mind and pushing you beyond the creative limits you set for yourself. (You can enter your own way as the most detailed constellation of the zodiac.) The universe is pressing you to break this barrier and express yourself more truly in your personal and professional life. If you delay improvement or share your thoughts with others, that will change soon. Expect personal and creative development with this new moon.

    According to your crescent manifestation advice, the vision board is a powerful manifestation strategy that can also help break the creative barriers of the past. Use magazine cuts or online printouts to create a collage of crescent intentions on your poster and direct your energy in the direction you want it to go. Hanging this in a conspicuous place in your home can have a magical effect.


    Scorpio, your career and personal life path will change dramatically. The crescent moon energizes this aspect of your life and encourages you to be more creative. You are usually a sign that likes to stay in the shadows, but today you have a strong urge to be the center of attention. This may be a result of a desire to completely change your profession or to truly express yourself through your profession. Don't be afraid. Now is the time to claim your truth and shine for everyone to see!

    Today is a good day to break your creative limits and try something new following your crescent advice. Try finger painting, go on a local adventure or post your creations on social media. Doing something like this is spiritual alchemy, and it can help you lively overcome your fear of true self-expression.


    Be prepared to broaden your horizons. This crescent moon is strengthening that area of ​​your life as it is a signal to naturally seek out more information and develop consciousness through experience. Now is a great time to get back to school, get your certification, or share your expertise with a wider audience. For certain Sagittarius people, long-awaited travel or career opportunities with international relations may appear. Take advantage of this opportunity to succeed.

    Crescent Appearance Tip: Sagittarius tends to ignore the details and focus on the big picture. Scripting is a great way to identify future ideas and communicate them to the world. To set your intentions, write your main thoughts in first person during the new moon.


    The crescent moon makes a big difference in your money, and communal resources and cash are spotlighting you. Debts, loans, shared finances in marriage, and other people's money dominate this area of ​​life. If you have saved money or done a lot of work, the universe will reap the rewards and reward you with a past opportunity to bear the fruits of your labor. This growth can come in the form of new wealth from married spouses for certain Capricorns.

    Follow your new moon apparition advice to travel and release energy during this new moon. You are so obsessed with money that you tend to energetically reject abundance. Stretching, walking, and yoga are all effective strategies for relieving physical stress. If we step back from the problem, chance can help us.


    After a year of intense personal growth and transformation, the crescent moon is now presenting opportunities for partnerships that are better suited for both business and personal relationships. After you evolve into a human, the world opens up more aligned alternatives for you. New work contracts, contracts or potential long-term partners may appear. For some Aquarius, changes may occur related to a new home in a better environment.

    Creating a love list during the new moon is a powerful way to pinpoint what you need in a relationship. Pink candles, pens and paper are ideal. Light a candle during the new moon and focus on this element of your life. Then express the love intent that comes to mind in first person. Fold the paper in half so you can see it. Then roll it towards you while you sleep and place it under your pillow.


    Your routine, profession, health and well-being are all for a makeover, Pisces. If this is not your experience, the crescent moon encourages you to reintroduce joy and excitement into your work life. You may have been quietly working on an ambition, idea, or dream that you suddenly feel you need to achieve. Now is the time to step out of the shell and express yourself as honestly as possible.


    This is a powerful month for achieving long-term goals. New opportunities may emerge that coincide with the intended future through social media or networks. If you have been trying to get an investment, you will have some degree of success in this area of ​​your life. If you've experienced a power struggle in a relationship, whether professional or personal, now is a good time to apologize. Some Libras may be concerned about their fertility.

    Breathing exercises will help you relax and reconnect with your body, and may also reduce the stress of life changes, according to the New Moon advice. Utilize the healing powers of your preferred practitioner or breathing program. To make your session more engaging, witness your goals come true during the session.


    According to your crescent advice, meditation is a powerful tool for you. Take some time during the new moon to quiet your thoughts and energy using any session or performer of your choice. This intuitive water sign helps you reconnect with your emotional body. After that, you have complete freedom to write anything that comes to mind. Make a list of what seems to be true in your life and what doesn't help you decide what needs to change.

    Lion's Gate, a stratum of dynamic potential, peaks on August 8th. This is the moment when the Sun is in Leo and the star Sirius approaches Earth and aligns with the Orion Belt.

    This is a time when each of us, not just the Earth, is experiencing a new level of consciousness. When the door opens, we sweep through the threshold. Just like in an old movie, when the bride figuratively lifts up and crosses the threshold of the beginning of a new life.

    What does the lion's gate mean in astrology and numerology?

    The Lion's Gate marks the beginning of a new and undeniable greater level of devotion to our ascension as individuals and as global organisms.

    This is an ideal moment for us to take a painful but necessary step in our spiritual development. It's a little bit like Alice in Wonderland, where Alice's height is constantly changing (though, of course, it can be seen as a process of self-actualization).

    She shrinks her body as she consumes the liquid from a "Drink Me" bottle. In other words, we were in the “Drink Me” stage of collective consciousness. The piece of cake that Alice swallowed and puffed up is now available to us through the Lion's Gate portal.

    Lion's Gate and Numerology

    In numerology, the number 8 stands for infinity. It is self-determining energy. It supports activities and goals that appear in the physical world. Its power comes from abilities that appear at all levels.

    When the 8 appears, it helps to quickly mark whatever it is pointing to, like a laser. Whatever it focuses on, it's amplified by the number 8.

    Lion's Gate and Characteristics of the Lion

    The heart center is associated with the Lions Gate energy, which reflects Leo's qualities of courage, strength and expressiveness. This bond welcomes all of humanity to the next stage of evolution, culminating in unconditional love.

    Of course, every birth experience is painful and exhilarating. This represents the change from "now" to "new now". We are under pressure to get rid of everything that doesn't help to make the most progress possible. Whether it's a bad relationship, an old-fashioned mindset, or a habit that lowers our true purpose, we all need reinvention. It is a case where it must not be now.

    Make the most of Lion's Gate's alchemical energy. It is important to remember this exciting time. They offer tremendous potential for spiritual growth and personal fulfillment. But they can be confusing and intimidating at times throughout the process.

    Take the following additional precautions while activating Lion's Gate:

    • Take a break.
    • Simply meditate to calm your thoughts.
    • You need to drink more water to get these benefits.
    • Take a break from your electronics and, if possible, take a break.
    • Avoid superficial or burdensome activities.


    Recognize that this powerful energy has the potential to make us feel tense, irritable and unpleasant at the same time. It can also deplete us physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. The cosmic ether moves as a result of this energy serving as a vessel for change. It's as if the barometric pressure dropped unexpectedly and sharply. Rapid changes in atmospheric pressure require our body to adapt. So, even if you're tired, unhappy, having trouble sleeping, or feeling like life isn't going as planned, don't forget to recalibrate and refuel yourself during this annoying transition.

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