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Dove Spiritual Meaning

Dove spiritual meaning

The meanings and symbols of the dove include peace, love, devotion, voyage, message, grace, gentleness, purity, the Holy Spirit, the human soul, and hope. Pigeons belong to the family Columbidae, which includes pigeons, and there are over 300 species.

In fact, pigeons and pigeons live on every continent except Antarctica. That is why they appear in the myths and folklore of many cultures around the world. In this post, you will learn about the pigeon symbol and meaning, and the pigeon myth. You will also learn about pigeons, spirit animals, and more.

    What does the dove symbolize?

    • elegance
    • sail
    • gentleness
    • love
    • holy ghost
    • hope
    • message
    • peace
    • purity
    • dedication
    • human soul

    Symbol of peace

    Around the world, the dove is a symbol of peace. It is difficult to know exactly when the dove became a symbol of peace. We know that humans started taming pigeons before the advent of writing, perhaps 10,000 years ago. Thus, for thousands of years, pigeons and pigeons have been used as a source of food and for sending messages.

    Pigeons and pigeons are both gentle and docile birds, especially compared to raptors such as hawks and owls. They are also monogamous and very affectionate towards their colleagues. This tenderness combined with the fact that it was used as an early form of long-distance communication (ie, human relationships) gives you an idea of ​​how it became a symbol of peace.

    Dove Meaning: Love

    Like most other bird species, including eagles and crows, pigeons are primarily monogamous and mate for life. However, pigeons go a step further and are very affectionate towards their mates, including making unrequited love, grooming, and booing. A couple of pigeons are also known to clench their beaks and shake their heads in unison.

    The adorable pair of pigeons are also extremely devoted to their chicks. In fact, male pigeons share the responsibility of incubating the eggs and feeding the chicks.

    For all these reasons, the dove has become an eternal symbol of love and devotion.

    Therefore, the animal of the pigeon spirit is a positive symbol that brings more love into your life. Seeing a pigeon or a pair of pigeons can be a positive confirmation that you have found a soul mate or that you will soon be connected with a soul mate.

    A symbol of navigation

    Pigeons are known to have a great sense of navigation. Even hundreds of miles away from home can easily get you back. For this reason, these birds have been used as messengers for thousands of years.

    A symbol of navigation, the dove is a totem that helps to find clarity and direction in life. It may not always seem obvious to you, but pigeons are a reminder that you have a sixth sense. You have a higher level of consciousness. Just tap on it. You can do this by praying, meditating, or even setting up intentions to guide you at night before going to sleep.

    To carry messages

    Pigeons were used to carry messages in ancient Egypt as far back as 3000 BC. They were also used in ancient Greece to share Olympic results with people far away. It was so accurate that it was used to send encrypted messages during wars.

    As a symbol of peace and a symbol of a message combined with the dove, the dove and dove remind us of the importance of communication in human relationships. Staying in touch, expressing yourself, and acknowledging what others are saying are key to maintaining happy and high-quality relationships with others.

    White dove meaning

    The white dove symbolizes purity, innocence and holiness. Like the lily and the lotus, the white dove embodies the idea of ​​transcending the world and existing in a higher state.

    When the dove is your spiritual animal, you are blessed with a gentle guide to assist you in navigating the path of your life here on Earth.

    You may already know that pigeons are your spiritual animal, or you may have suddenly crossed your road and got to know yourself. Seeing a pigeon or a pair of pigeons is always a positive sign.

    Pigeons are lovely, gentle and friendly. Besides, he is gifted in diplomacy. The sudden appearance of a dove in your life can be a reminder that you express your peaceful and loving nature and have the ability to make peace where there is conflict.

    Also, pigeon soul animals may remind you of the idea of ​​a soul mate. Pigeons tell you to cherish those closest to you because they will be with you for the rest of your life.

    Dove power animal

    As the name suggests, Power Animals can empower you with their most dynamic traits. So, if you want to make a difference in one area of ​​your life, consider the attributes of a mighty animal. For example, you can meditate on the characteristics of a dove power animal if:

    You are in a conflicting environment and you are looking for ways to find common ground and create win-win scenarios.

    You are lost in an area of ​​your life and want to use your higher powers for direction and guidance.

    You want to improve the quality of your relationship, especially with your spouse. Or, if you're single and want to find a soul mate, a dove power animal can be a helpful totem when figuring out the relationship you want.

    Pigeon Totem

    An animal totem embodies the protective abilities of the animal it represents. Therefore, the pigeon totem is a symbol that will help you bring a more loving and healthy relationship into your life. It is also a symbol of good fortune that creates more peace, harmony and understanding in relationships. The pigeon totem is also a useful symbol for finding guidance and direction as you navigate your life path.

    Pigeons in mythology and folklore

    Pigeons and pigeons have been important figures in the myths and folklore of peoples around the world for thousands of years.

    Here are some of those stories:


    Pigeons appeared in mythology as far back as 3000 BC. The Mesopotamians associated the dove with the goddess of fertility Inanna (called Ishtar in neighboring cultures). Inanna not only ruled over love and sexuality, but was also the goddess of war.

    Sumerians and Akkadians often depicted Inanna and Ishtar in the presence of pigeons. Both cultures also have stories of each goddess turned into a dove.4

    Dove in the Epic of Gilgamesh

    The Mesopotamian Story The Epic of Gilgamesh tells the story of a great Flood that swept the world in 2100 B.C., predating the Bible. It is strangely similar to the story of Noah's ark in the Bible.

    In the story, the water god Ea (also called Enki) tells another character in the story, Utnapishtim, that the gods are planning great food. Then Ea tells Utnapishtim that he must build a huge ship that will carry all living things to protect it from the flood.

    Utnapishtim does what he says, and cataclysmic storms and floods come and rage for seven days. At last the storm subsides and Utnapishtim goes out on deck. He sheds tears of gratitude that he was able to save many lives. Then Utnapishtim sent pigeons and swallows to find dry land, but both birds returned. Next he sent a crow. Because the crow did not return, Utnapishtim knew he had found dry land.5

    Biblical dove symbol

    As a symbol, the dove appears in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The story of Noah and the Flood in Genesis 8 is oddly similar to the story of the flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

    In the biblical story of the Flood, Noah sends a crow (or a crow or perhaps an earlier ancestor of two birds) to search for dry land after the flood 40 days later. The crow doesn't come back.

    Next, Noah sends a dove to see if he can find dry land. At first the pigeons return. So Noah realized that there was not yet suitable land to anchor the ark. But a week later, Noah sent the dove out again and she returned with her freshly picked olive branch. So Noah finally realizes that the earth can be habitable again.

    The olive tree also has symbolic meanings, one of which is that it symbolizes peace. So the combination of a soft dove with an olive branch has become a universal symbol of peace and hope.

    Pigeons are mentioned elsewhere in the Bible. Strangely, several passages in Leviticus suggest that turtle doves and pigeons were used as sacrifices in the form of “burnt offerings.”

    Christian dove symbolism

    In Christianity, the dove symbolizes gentleness, divinity, and the Holy Spirit. The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all refer to the dove in relation to the Holy Spirit.

    “Jesus was baptized and came up from the water. Then the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting upon him, and a voice was heard from heaven. 'This is my beloved son. I take pleasure in him.'” 

    In Matthew 10:16-22, the dove symbolizes pacifism as Jesus spoke to his disciples. Therefore be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”8

    Meaning of Native American Pigeons

    Although many Native American tribes used pigeons as a source of food, they also considered them a symbol of gentleness and peace. In fact, the Cheyenne proverb is very similar to what Jesus said to his disciples in Matthew 10. There is a saying in Cheyenne that goes like this: “If a man is wise as a snake, he can be harmless as a dove.” 

    To the Blackfoot tribe, pigeons were sacred birds. They considered pigeons to be guardians, helping the warriors return safely from battle. Thus, warriors wore pigeon feathers as a protective amulet.

    For the Algonquian tribe of the eastern United States, the crowing of a turtledove may be a sign that someone is going to die.

    For the Pueblo of the Southwest, pigeons can help bring rain.

    And to California tribes like Miwok, pigeons were naughty birds like crows that could get in trouble.

    Pigeons and the Pigeon Clan

    Some Native American tribes have pigeons or pigeon clans. These include Abenaki, Pueblo, Ioway, Ho-Chunk and Mohave. Cherokee also has a sacred dove dance.

    Aztec mythology dove symbol

    The Aztecs associated their goddess Xochiquetzal with a dove. Like Aphrodite in Greece, Sochi Quetzal was the goddess of love and fertility. And, like other myths, the dove in the story of Xochiquetzal is associated with the Flood. According to the Aztec creation legend, Xochiquetzal came to Earth in the form of a dove after the Flood.

    Dove in greek mythology

    The ancient Greek goddess of love was inspired in part by Inanna or Ishtar, the Mesopotamian goddess of love. And, like her Middle Eastern counterparts, Aphrodite was often depicted as a dove around her.

    For the Greeks, the dove symbolizes love, renewal and immortality. In fact, the drink chosen by the Greek gods and goddesses was ambrosia, which is said to have been brought to them by doves.13

    The Greeks also associated the dove with the Columbine flower. The name columbine comes from the Latin columba, meaning dove or dove. Like the dove, Columbus' symbolism includes peace.

    Doves in celtic mythology

    When they saw a crow, the Celts saw the dove as an oracle bird. They observed behavior and flight patterns on the signs and then interpreted them. Therefore, to the Celts, pigeons were also considered messengers. Also, the dove symbolizes healing. So, unfortunately, the Celts used them for sacrificial purposes.

    Meaning of dove in Islam

    In Islam, the dove is considered the guardian of Muhammad, depending on the person telling the story. In one story, Muhammad and his father-in-law, Abu Bakr, are pursued by Qurayshi warriors who they want to kill to prevent Muhammad from preaching. While on the run, Muhammad and Abu Bakr discover a cave on Mount Tor in Mecca and hide there.

    According to the story, two pigeons nested outside the cave, and a spider ran a giant web across the entrance. The animals did so, knowing that Muhammad and Abu Bakr would assume that they could not hide in the cave, as pigeons and spider webs were not disturbed as the Quraysh warriors passed by.

    Japanese dove symbol

    In Japan, the dove symbolizes message and peace. In Japanese mythology, in the 3rd century, Emperor Ojin became a god called Hachiman. He was the god of war, archery, fishing and agriculture. He also used pigeons as lions.14

    In Japanese culture, a dove with a sword is a symbol of peace and an end to the war. Pigeons are also used to honor those killed in Hiroshima in World War II.

    Dove symbol and meaning

    In general, the meaning of the pigeon bird is purity. It is the life form of the three-dimensional world that has been chosen to express the divine concept, the human concept. In all cultures, pigeons represent purity, tenderness, devotion, beauty, and faith.

    On an international level, the dove of peace symbolizes hope and peace, which is prevalent in most religions and cultures.

    It fits into a cognitive framework that allows many people to share a global optimism. Dove symbol is also love. The symbolic representation of this dove can be seen in many major works of literature and art.

    This bird is also considered the spirit of the dove. Pigeons have been carrying messages for thousands of years. People believe that this bird is very close to God. Thus, it came to represent the worship of the gods.

    In many motifs and works of art, white doves can be seen flying in depictions of war and bomb detonation. Perhaps in this case the dove symbolized the souls of soldiers who were martyred apart from peace. The dove is also a symbol of protection.

    It could represent God's agent sent to protect mankind from violence. Pigeons are always cuddling close to their partners. It is a docile, round bird, and for this reason the meaning of the dove represents femininity and love. 

    Dove native american symbolism

    Pigeons are very important symbols in the traditions and culture of Native Americans. Pigeons or pigeons (both are essentially the same bird) mate for life. Thus, they represent monogamy and lasting love.

    This is why the natives used these birds for fertility magic. The dove also represents the goddess of love. They were also used to convey messages. Since ancient times, doves have carried the word of God to humans, including the biblical doves and olive trees.

    Therefore, Native Americans believed in the dove as a symbol of great soul savior and forgiveness. 

    Pigeons were the first domesticated birds. Pigeons are a symbol of the regenerative power and fertility of the great goddess because they raise their young with milk. There are many types of pigeons, and the red dove is their ruler.

    This red dove also calms other feral pigeons. Native Indians also associated the dove with the spiritual component of the Holy Ghost or the Great Spirit. Pigeons were also associated with longevity, as they had been in captivity for nearly 17 years.

    Pigeons are peaceful birds that are gentle, docile, naive, naive, timid, and have no gallbladder. It does no harm to other birds or animals and eats pure seeds. They live near a man's house and like to be at their company. For these characteristics, pigeons and other birds were not chosen as sacrifices.

    Dove christian symbolism

    The meaning of the dove in the Bible is purity and peace. According to the story of Noah's ark, Noah sends a dove to return to the ark with the olive branch of God indicating that the flood waters have receded and that God has forgiven man.

    In the Mosaic Law, the dove of the Holy Spirit was considered very pure and was used as a purification offering after childbirth.

    For the same reason, at the dedication of Christ, Joseph saw two doves in a basket.

    Luke 2:22-24 says, “When the day of purification according to the law of Moses was fulfilled, he brought him to Jerusalem to offer to the Lord a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons.”

    As a symbol of chastity, a dove sometimes appears atop Joseph's staff, depicting Joseph as the chosen husband of his mother Mary.

    Why is the Holy Spirit a dove? In John 1:32, the symbol of the dove of the Holy Ghost represents the Trinity, Baptism, and the Annunciation of Mary.

    The seven doves represent the seven Spirits or Holy Spirit of God. The dove is also associated with the saints. St. Benedict saw the soul of his dead sister soaring into the sky in the form of a white dove. 

    Dove celtic symbolism

    The dove is the companion of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. It is believed among the Celts that pigeons have healing properties.

    In Ireland, Saint Columbia, one of the three patron saints, is called the Church Dove. There is a Christian influence here, and that's why. The Celts also believe that the dove symbolizes the Holy Ghost.

    The meaning of the Celtic dove is also peace and care for all living things. It is also an oracle of God. Pigeons are also mentioned in connection with the genocide in which CuChulainn was killed.

    Many Welsh poets have portrayed pigeons as lovers in their poetry. Pigeons declare peace at the end of the deluge. He brings the olive branch as a propitiation from God and embodies the Holy Ghost in the New Testament.

    The dove and olive branch continue to maintain this symbol of peace to this day. The dove has meaning for many Celtic saints, including St. David of Wales.

    It is said that the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove descended upon his shoulder after he spoke reluctantly and eloquently at the Synod of the Bishops. Portraits of saints often commemorate this event. 

    Meaning of Dove in a dream

    Dreams about birds are the most common of all dreams, and universally all birds represent spirituality. However, certain birds can also have other interpretations.

    The white dove symbolizes peace, love, femininity and hope. It is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit according to Christianity.

    A dream of a pair of pigeons symbolizes the need for a lover or partner. It indicates a longing for love and fellowship. Mourning dove symbolism is sometimes a bad omen.

    This is especially true if the mourning pigeon appears suddenly or is seen in unusual circumstances or places, such as sitting on a bed. Many people believe that a dream of a mourning dove portends, perhaps, the death of a family member or close friend.

    The dream of almost every bird symbolizes the desire to reach beyond the Earth and touch the spiritual realm. Birds are also a sexual symbol. Men still call attractive women 'birds'. According to Freud, the bird represents the penis.

    To dream of a flock of birds may be wishing to be part of a group. The dream of almost any bird portends a desire to run away or fly away from everything banal and mundane. 


    Pigeons are the same bird. However, among them there are many subspecies, such as turtle doves and pigeons, necked pigeons and turtle doves. In total, there are nearly 140 different species of pigeons.

    What does the dove symbolize? Every dove encounter symbolizes peace. However, this theme of peace can be very broad in that it must be connected with communication, understanding and empathy. Flocks of pigeons in the city are dirty.

    It is better not to nest, as they pollute the apartment and carry diseases. But seeing the meaning of pigeons can be a sign that people need to socialize and move out of isolation.

    Pigeons ask us to live each day in peace and contentment. It asks us to forget those trivial quarrels and instead pursue deeper relationships with those around us.

    Pigeons, on the other hand, require us to study the self on a deeper level. For those who continue to see wild pigeons, they need to look at themselves on a deeper level and strive to be more satisfied with their lives. In this way he can become a prototype of peace.

    Although the tree dove and the turtledove convey almost the same meaning, turtle symbolism is about love, relationships, and family, whereas the tree dove is usually talking about creatures. 

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