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Amazonite Spiritual Meaning

Amazonite spiritual meaning

The ancient Egyptians coveted the natural rock of amazonite, which they used to make ornaments and important scriptures. Amazonite has long been revered for its beauty and therapeutic properties. This pale green mineral rock is said to have formed around 1000 BC.

Amazonite is also known as the 'Amazon stone' because it is believed to have been found in the Amazon River basin in Brazil. However, no sediment was found there. Instead, amazonite can be found in the United States, Australia, Brazil in Madagascar, Colorado and other parts of Virginia. Legend has it that Amazonite stones were used by female warriors of the ancient Amazon tribes of Brazil to adorn their shields, cure diseases, and heal wounds. 

    Metaphysical properties of amazonite

    Amazonite is said to have various metaphysical properties. Amazonite stones are also said to have amazing healing properties. Amazonite, like jade, is associated with wealth, good fortune and general prosperity. "Gambler's Stone" is said to bring good luck and wealth. Legend has it that amazonite has a calming effect on the nervous system. Because our nervous system is so important in regulating our emotions, this stone is said to help calm tense and agitated situations and enhance love.

    This stone is best worn as a necklace because it is connected to the neck and heart. Amazonite is claimed to provide the wearer with honesty, honor and integrity. Amazonite is used to treat fatigue, trauma and anything else that depletes a person's vitality. Amazonite helps in the treatment of alcoholism and thyroid problems. It usually has a mild healing effect that is beneficial to almost everyone.

    Geological properties of amazonite

    Amazonite is a translucent turquoise type of micro bevel feldspar, also known as "Amazon stone". Amazonite is a rare mineral found in Brazil, Colorado, Virginia, Australia and parts of Madagascar in the United States. Amazonite is a generally opaque stone with streaks or blurs ranging from light green to greenish blue to dark green/blue.

    The shades of amazonite are similar to those of nephrite and jadeite. Amazonite makes it stand out with its grid-like mottled green and white design. The tint of amazonite is due to the presence of lead inside the stone, and there may be color variations within a single stone. Amazonite can grow to the largest crystals of all minerals and has been mistaken for turquoise and jade.

    Amazonite Maintenance

    Chemicals, abrasives, heat, acids, and ammonia are all toxic to amazonite. This jewelry should never be cleaned in a steamer, hot water or ultrasonic cleaner. To maintain the luster of your jewelry, use room temperature tap water with a mild soap and soft cloth. To learn more about amazonite and other gems, order the updated and expanded version of Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann.

    Using Amazonite in Your Design

    Amazonite is often cut into cabochons for necklaces and pendants, or carved into figures or other decorative objects, making it suitable for pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tie tacks, cufflinks and brooches.

    Amazonite gemstones are great in any precious metal, but the exquisite turquoise tint of amazonite shines most in silver. For an aesthetically appealing piece, it also pairs well with leather, ribbons or chains. If you want to get creative, try mixing this stone with other strands of coral beads. Combine this with faceted mukite for a more subtle and traditional effect.

    The combination of faceted mukite and soft amazonite makes it perfect for almost any outfit. If you want a really delicate look, the combination of amazonite and moonstone is beautiful. Moonstone highlights the white texture of amazonite.

    This simple necklace goes well with a white tank top or any professional look on a laid-back day. For a casual look, pair it with a bracelet and simple earrings. 

    What exactly is Amazonite?

    Amazonite is a potassium feldspar variant belonging to the Microcline mineral family. It has a vitreous luster and belongs to the ternary structure. You can find purple, gray, green and blue Amazonite colors. It is usually greenish-blue. Amazonite is said to relieve anxiety and promote clarity.

    Amazonite healing crystals, also known as the Stone of Hope, are said to envelop the shields of the Amazon warriors.

    Jewels found in Tutankhamun's tomb

    Immerse yourself in the soothing shades of Amazonite jewelry. The sparkling turquoise amazonite evokes old tales, jungle charm, and the mighty currents of one of the world's most mythical rivers. Dubbed the "stone of hope," Amazonites aren't afraid to give positive reviews, but they don't do it blindly. A stone that inspires determination to achieve your goals with inner strength, elevated purpose, and a can-do attitude.

    This subtle diamond has long been considered a symbol of hope and truth. Inspired by the dark green riverbanks of the rainforests of South America. Monkeys rush and parrots give the trees a burst of exotic colors, as the calming kinetic flow of the color scheme depicts them. Amazonite is also found in the vanilla-scented sands of Madagascar and in the cold depths of the Russian tundra. A rock mined in the most unusual areas, which can contribute to its magical and aquatic properties.

    Amazonites have been around for a long time, and according to tradition, this stone adorned the shields of the famous Amazon warrior princesses. The beauty and majesty of Amazonite transcends millennia. It is also the jewel that adorned the temples and tombs of Tutankhamun, as well as the tablet that made up the mystical Book of Death. Even without huge historical connections, amazonite stones stand out for their tremendous healing powers and deep connections to the heart and throat chakras. Using Amazonite may be one of the best choices if you want to live deeper, stand tall and proud of your own light, and make worldwide love.

    Mixing Amazonite with lead and water

    The amazonite's felstone structures have never looked so majestic when mixed with lead and water.

    The combination of these two elements creates a stunning green tint inside the body of this famous crystal. This color is seductive and at the same time calming. The mysterious, watery nature of the amazonite crystal will inspire a deep desire to flow with the direction of the universe. It will also awaken your intuition and deeper self-knowledge.

    Amazonite is a must for any crystal collector. As you incorporate this gem into your life, you will feel a deep feeling of stillness, joy and harmony.

    What exactly is Amazonite?

    Amazonite is a potassium feldspar variant belonging to the Microcline mineral family, an igneous rock. For generations, this ancient gem has been valued for its ethereal powers and beautiful beauty.

    Amazonite belongs to the triple clinical group of seven fertilization systems. Various colored amazonite crystals have been discovered over the years. Available in a variety of colors from light green to greenish blue and dark blue to turquoise.

    What does the term "amazonite" mean?

    Amazonite stones are named after the world famous river, the Amazon River. The sparkling turquoise tones are reminiscent of the serene flow of this mysterious South American river. What's more, the twinkling greens and lights dancing across the amazonite crystals will remind anyone who knows about the Amazon the way the sun glides across its ever-flowing surface.

    The name of this crystal also suggests a connection with the water element. It creates a gentle flow that brings fresh energy and ideas to life as you bring the gentle presence of Amazonite to life.

    The healing power of amazonite

    The 'Stone of Hope', also known as the Amazonite crystal. Not only does Amazonite look beautiful, it stimulates a tremendous healing process in the mind, mind, body and soul. When it comes to re-focusing and calming the whirlpools of chaotic emotions, this adorable aquatic stone is a crystal lover's must-have.

    It restores a feeling of harmony to your inner world with a subtle but really helpful effect. This is achieved by rebalancing the male and female energies or yin and yang and realigning the chakras. Amazonite stones are very useful when it comes to getting rid of the brain fog that comes with too many skills.

    In essence, Amazonite is a great tool to improve mental clarity and serenity. If you're a long-time creative stereotyped artist, Amazonite can help you find inspiration and confidence in your work.

    Amazonite crystals have various psychological and emotional healing properties, but they can also help with physical problems. A calming atmosphere is helpful for thyroid disorders and also improves calcium absorption. When your body can digest more calcium, your bones will be strengthened and your hair will naturally glow. These factors help increase energy and presence.

    What is Amazonite and how do I use it?

    One of many green gems, amazonite represents the beauty of the natural world and the power that can be harnessed in its existence. When used properly, Amazonite can be a great ally for a fresh forest walk or bringing the peace and clarity of a gently flowing river to your life.

    The tint and luster of amazonite crystals go well with almost all kinds of jewelry. Wear an Amazonite pendant necklace to place the crystal close to the heart chakra to promote a connected attitude of liberation, openness and abundance. As an exquisite bracelet or ring, this mysterious stone can adorn your wrist or finger.

    If you don't like your jewelry or can't find an Amazonite item you like, you can keep this stone of hope at home instead. Water-like properties allow energy to flow gradually, circulating bad frequencies and replacing them with energizing, refreshing and soothing energy. The ideal balance crystal is an amazonite crystal. Many people prefer to use uplifting energy in conjunction with Feng Shui principles to achieve their goals.

    Amazonite Cleaning and Care

    Each crystal lover has a unique process when it comes to cleaning and caring for jewelry. Smudging is the most common ritual. This is a ritual in which a smudge stick or equivalent, such as sage or palo santo, is lit and smoke is used to purify objects or areas with bad energy.

    Rainbow Moonstone is a kind of moonstone that comes in rainbow colors. If you haven't been called by Bungie, you can still purify the crystal with the power of the moon. It is recommended to recharge the Aventurine stone by placing it outdoors on a windowsill or during a full moon. Another natural way to cleanse Aventurine is to bury it in the ground and let it sit for at least 24 hours.

    Is Amazonite an expensive stone?

    Amazonite stones are very inexpensive compared to relatively rare gems. You can find it at some of the most respected crystal retailers around the world at affordable prices. It should be mentioned, however, that these majestic water crystals are often cast in high quality environments composed of the finest materials. Naturally, this increases the overall cost of amazonite jewelry.

    How to check if Amazonite is genuine?

    The most important feature to look for when trying to distinguish real amazonite from fakes is gloss. A real amazonite diamond will have a shiny and dazzling surface. Recognizing its vitreous luster can distinguish this stunning crystal from other green gems of similar shape.


    According to a Brazilian story, the inhabitants of the Amazon give "green stones" to visitors to the area. Europeans could already recognize the my-krO-kline from Russia, so they believed that the turquoise rock handed down by the South American Indians was the same stone. The story most likely referred to nephrite (jade).

    The conquerors used amazonite ornaments, and the ancient Egyptians carved seven books of the dead, The Judgment of Osiris, on amazonite slabs. Tutankhamun's treasures included a scarab ring and various other artifacts carved from green amazonite. Because of its similarity to jade, amazonite is often known as "Colorado jade" or "Pikes Peak jade". Amazonite can be turquoise, turquoise, or yellow-green with white streaks, but is often bright green.

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