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13 Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual significance is an essential aspect of everyone's life. It has the power to offer to mean to the turmoil that comes with being alive and to link us to something bigger than ourselves. Finding spiritual meaning might be difficult, but with these thirteen interpr…

555 Spiritual Meaning

Do you ever become perplexed by apparently random sequences of numbers that emerge in your dreams or on stickers and T-shirts worldwide? If this is the case, you are not alone. And yo…

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers in Dreams

Dreams may provide us with tremendous insight into our deepest thoughts and emotions and signs about our destiny. In this post, we'll look into the spiritual significance of numbe…

420 Spiritual Meaning

Do you know what the number 420 means? After all, it's a relatively common phrase in the cannabis scene. But what does it signify on a spiritual level? In this post, we'll loo…

Sapphire Spiritual Meaning

Sapphire is, as we all know, one of the most popular gemstones on the market. It's a versatile stone that can be used for almost everything, from jewellery to flooring, and it…

11 Spiritual Meaning

There is no one proper way to live your life, including finding purpose. But, whether you believe in a higher force or not, there are several things you may do to discover inner peace…
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Jennifer Holloway

Jennifer Holloway

Jennifer Holloway lives in Denton, TX with her husband Rob. She has two adorable, rambunctious daughters and a husband who is patient, sweet and understanding. She’s also an avid reader who loves to write about the characters that inhabit her imagination. Holloway loves to spend time in the outdoors, with her family and friends, or reading. She has a degree in English with a minor in Philosophy from the University of North Texas.

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