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How to Speak your Dreams into Existence?

How to Speak your Dreams into Existence?

It is important that we make our desires a reality. It means speaking positively and passionately about our goals and expressing confidence that they will come true. Of course, it takes effort, but how you say your goals is critical to making them happen. According to the law of attraction, the universe is constantly listening to our goals and desires. But only those who can properly communicate with the universe can get answers, so you have to ask yourself if you're really using your voice. Are you actually communicating with the universe to make your aspirations a reality? Never underestimate how completely the power of your words or a simple spell can change your life.

    These are different techniques to make your dreams come true:

    1) Speak confidently

    When the universe asks you to answer, you do.

    To create something, you must first want it, and cherishing that desire involves more than just wanting it in your heart.

    It entails expressing your aspirations and goals with the self-assurance they deserve whenever you talk about it.

    Finally, think about the last time you were asked to give a presentation in class or at work, giving a speech in front of a group, or seeing other people speaking in front of a group.

    Remember the difference between the most persuasive, brightest and most inspiring presenters and those who don't seem to know what they're talking about.

    The main difference between them is self-assurance.

    2) Use your words to tell the universe

    Too often we keep our dreams alone. Even if we are certain of our aspirations and the ability to make them a reality, we tend to avoid discussing them.

    Perhaps you are afraid to count the chickens before they hatch, and you don't want to dishonor yourself in front of friends and family if your great aspirations never come true.

    However, if we hide our dreams from the people around us and we can't even express them in words, it will eventually be hidden from ourselves and eventually from the universe.

    Even if you talk to the walls of 4 rooms, you can't make anything without speaking.

    When you talk about your dream, your mind is given additional possibilities to imagine, evaluate, and understand it.

    By simply translating those buried thoughts into bold, outspoken words, you can sketch a path between where you are and where you need to be for this desire to become a reality.

    And repeating the idea to yourself every day will help the universe to listen and attract the objects and people you need to make your dreams come true.

    3) Talk about your dream plan

    The basic to-do list is one of the most useful tools.

    A to-do list, or numbered step-by-step list, breaks down a gigantic, infinite, and infinitely vast dream into hundreds if not thousands of smaller steps.

    Don't talk about your aspirations as if they were simply goals, but as if they were the fruit of years of training, hard work, and attention.

    Analyze your goals. Turn what you want into action, and fantasy into travel.

    Don't just think about finish and results. Discuss every little step you need to take to get there

    Show the universe, and more crucially, yourself, that you don't just wish for your ambitions, but that you gave them the time and attention they needed.

    4) Keep verbal interactions with opponents to a minimum.

    Some of us have more direct fantasies.

    Perhaps one of your ambitions is to become a teacher or get a college diploma.

    Others have higher ambitions, such as becoming an astronaut and setting foot on Mars, or starting the next generation of business.

    But whether your ambitions are big or small, there is a reason. It is something you truly want to achieve.

    And no matter how big or small your ambitions are, there will always be critics who will tell you that you are crazy about pursuing them.

    Some would argue that your chances of becoming an astronaut are so low that you don't have to worry.

    Some may suggest that you are too stupid to be a bad teacher or graduate from college.

    Don't listen to this if you want to make your aspirations a reality. Because it could damage you and trip you over.

    You may not realize it the first time you hear it, but the constant criticism from suspicious people can discourage you, and even the slightest discouragement can keep you from reaching the heights you need to achieve your goals.

    5) Be with the people you want to be.

    One of the most important lessons in the art of expression is to start seeing yourself as the person you want to be, and what better way to do so than to surround yourself with people who are already there?

    It can be tempting to surround yourself with people you've known for a long time, but this is often the most limiting factor. Think of your own opinion.

    Things can get more difficult if you're trying to find a soulmate.

    The sheer act of talking to the people you want to be is enough to get you on the right path.

    They may not always say something completely new to your ears, but just listening to them and talking to them can help you process your ideas and see your own dreams.

    6) Talk to people who will be honest with you

    We talked about how important it is not only to avoid opponents who try to bring you down, but also to surround yourself with people who have achieved what you want to achieve.

    The first group can be too pessimistic, while the second group can be dangerous for the opposite reason. You can be too optimistic and lead astray.

    That's why it's equally important to always have people around you who will be honest with you and give you the uncensored advice you need.

    These people will keep your feet firmly on the ground.

    They will listen to your aspirations, gain your confidence, and then drill a hole in the most vulnerable part of your plan.

    These people don't criticize you because they envy your passion and ambition like their opponents. Instead, it challenges certain steps in the strategy, pointing out issues you may have missed.

    The Law of Attraction requires optimism, but it also requires correctly translating aspirations into reality.

    7) Do not indulge in self-pity. when things go wrong

    Failure is an unavoidable part of the road to success. Nothing can be accomplished without failing dozens of times along the way.

    Even if the world finally helps you realize your aspirations, it's hard to predict exactly when or how many failures you'll have to endure before you become the person you need to make that dream a reality.

    If you try and try again and again, it is easy to fail and lose hope and become discouraged every time.

    Irritability and dissatisfaction can grow to the point of fostering inner pessimism and self-doubt.

    Never give up hope, never indulge in self-pity.

    When you drool, your words and actions become negative, and when you lose confidence in yourself, the world loses trust in you.

    8) Embrace humility as you progress

    In every success story, there is a time when you start to believe that all your hard work has finally paid off

    The long night is over and the endless hours of hard work to achieve your dreams begin to bear fruit.

    You must remain humble even when you begin to achieve the success you deserve.

    You have worked hard over the years to achieve your goals. Don't spoil it by being too impatient or rude.

    Always keep in mind that you are fighting for your ambitions for yourself and not for anyone else.

    9) Pay attention to the way you speak

    You have no choice but to fall while chasing something big on the road.

    It's easier to focus on the bad points when failures are more visible than goals.

    A terrible day turns into a terrible week before you even realize it. All this is because you can't move your brain in such a negative environment.

    Most people don't realize that speaking your aspirations about life takes a lot more patience and discipline than you think.

    No matter how difficult it may be, to truly realize your dreams and communicate your intentions to the universe, you must have an unwavering desire to materialize your dreams and communicate your intentions to the universe.

    The next time you complain about something and want to focus instead, try to think positively.

    10) Speak positively

    Dreams can seem huge and unattainable. Sometimes you may feel it's too big.

    But that's why they are called dreams. They represent greater-than-life beings that urge us to get ahead.

    The majority of individuals begin to question themselves when they understand how great their aspirations are.

    It is not enough just to say your dreams out loud.

    The full implementation of your goals and aspirations into reality should already be pronounced as yours.

    Once you've built the right foundation, it's simpler to make smart decisions and stay on track to turn your ambitions into reality.


    According to Hebrews 11:3 (TPT), the universe was created by the power of the Word of God and was wonderfully coordinated. Words can change your life. You can create anything from nothing by changing the declaration. God created us to be speaking spirits like himself, to be a decreed and transforming spirit.

    Instead of destroying your aspirations, use your words to activate them. Your mouth has power over life and death. According to James 3, the tongue is equal to the rudder of a ship that the captain uses to travel in the desired direction. With your tongue you can guide the path of life and get you where you want to go.

    Whatever your situation, carefully choosing your words can turn things around. The mouth is not just a tool for eating. It is a terrifying weapon God has given you so that you will always rule and rule. If you close your lips, your fate is locked.

    When God has a dream in your heart, find a verse to support it and keep saying it until it comes true. God has given you the power!

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