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How to Make Someone Think of You?

How to Make Someone Think of You?

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that if you like someone, you can't stop thinking about that person. But how can you make someone remember you? It's strange how we think about someone for hours and have no idea what they think about us. Enough to send you to the edge!

    Is there a way to get someone to think about you more often? You may be wondering if this is a mind game or not, but it is not. There are modest things you can do to increase your chances of being remembered by that person. 

    Of course, it would be much simpler if they already liked you. It may take a little longer if they are unfamiliar with you. Before we get into the actual part that encourages someone to think about you more often, there must be a distinction between thinking and liking. As you'll see after a while, you can get into their heads in a variety of ways, but you can't make them like you.

    There is no such thing as a magic spell. If you had this page, you wouldn't need it! What you need to focus on is presenting yourself in the best possible light and then having the right mentality. If people like you, that's fantastic. 

    How to make someone think of you?

    No need to make a planned trip, wait hours to respond to a text, or pretend to be absent when making a call. It's not about what you do while you're away, it's about what you do when you're with them if you really want to stay with them.

    Are they interested in spending time with you?

    If you float on their minds, they will love to spend time with you. Instead of pretending or pretending to be something, they should like to be with you. This is how lasting memories are formed.

    First impressions matter.

    Yes, I know. Thinking about meeting people for the first time certainly makes you cringe, but don't panic. But keep in mind that first impressions matter. One study found that men fall in love with women faster than women. So, if you're interested in a guy, you might be in luck. Most people can tell whether or not they are attracted to a person just by looking at them.

    3. Be more open-minded If you want someone to remember you, be more open-minded. If you are not eager to talk in front of others and reveal yourself, how can they be interested in you? This doesn't mean you have to reveal all of your darkest secrets, but it does mean you have to be a little more open.

    Start the conversation!

    When it comes to gossip, information passes quickly. This is exactly what you want. If you want this person to start thinking about you or get a clue that you are into them, you should talk to a third party. If you chat with ordinary friends, they can give them strong clues that you are thinking about them.

    Make a Kind Gesture

    If you want to make someone think about you and want you, do something different. Help them with their mission if they need it. If you're feeling down, go get some ice cream.

    Don't end with a poignant tone.

    You want to end the discussion on a high note. Of course, finishing with a sour will keep you in their minds, but not in a positive way. You have to end the story on a good tone so they can repeat it in their head and laugh. 

    Using olfactory cues as weapons

    Isn't it true that everyone likes to smell good? The scent is incredibly powerful and can be remembered for a long time. Using certain colognes or perfumes can evoke memories when they smell similar. 

    Laugh at Them

    If you want to make an impression, make someone laugh. Laughter is a great way to bring people together. This does not imply a love relationship, but it is the first step. If you can make them laugh, you will always be on their minds.

    Get involved in fun activities together.

    If you simply hang out with each other and spend most of your time on your phone, you won't be able to create lasting memories. Spend your time doing activities you love. This is what makes people remember you, and if you're not around, they'll miss you.

    You don't always have to text.

    You may think that building relationships requires constant communication, but this is wrong. Allow some breathing space for them to think about you. 

    Do you like to listen to music?

    It may seem cliche, but when you hear the music that reminds you, why not tell the story? It doesn't have to be profound, but it's a great opportunity to create fun and light memories between the two of you.

    Express empathy

    Even if you make someone feel like you don't understand, they won't think about you. Understand yourself and be the first person you want to talk to. This doesn't mean you have to have a sense of superiority. Rather, consider their feelings. Then you will be someone people trust and remember.

    Have a Perspective

    There is nothing more frustrating than talking to someone who lacks depth and content. Do not hesitate to express your thoughts and ideas. Of course, you shouldn't force your beliefs on others, but you can talk and have conversations about them.

    Don't be obsessed.

    You may believe that you have to spend a lot of time with them to understand how to make them think about you. At least. On the other hand, being too present and obsessive can backfire. Make sure you're living your own life, in and out of their lives in a meaningful way.

    Be Courteous to Others

    Isn't it true that you want to be in their hearts for the right reasons? This entails treating others with compassion and respect. If you are offended and rude to others, you will not be in their minds with a positive view. But it will help if you do good things from time to time and remember manners.

    Don't play hard to get.

    The game is inefficient. If someone claims to know something, don't believe it! They will soon catch up to your real game and you will realize that if you play the game you are not worth the trouble. Just being simple and honest is enough.

    Know how to use social media.

    You just said don't play the game, so I know what you're talking about. True, it did, but this is a trick, not a game. Using social media while learning how to get other people to think about you is a fantastic idea. 


    Couples regularly exchange personal information. Consequently, by doing the aforementioned, you are implicitly programming that person's mind to think of the two as a possible pair. The fact that you are already exchanging personal information with each other helps teach their minds to believe that you have already started a de facto connection just by sharing intimate personal information. This is one of the most important things you can do to make someone think about you as well as fall in love with you.

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