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Worm Moon Spiritual Meaning 2022

Worm moon spiritual meaning 2022

The first signs of a new season may be longer days, warmer evenings, and Netflix's Marathon spring series, but the full moon in March 2022 will amplify all the spring feelings leading up to the vernal equinox. 

Arriving in detail-oriented Virgo on March 18 at 3:17 a.m. (12:17 a.m. PT), the March Full Moon represents a collective analytical approach to achieving goals and meditating on basic thoughts. provide.

Step away from the dramatic emotions of the Pisces season, which entails the energy of water, and consider this madness. Understanding the spiritual significance of the March 2022 Full Moon is essential as it is an opportunity to put your ideas into action and enjoy the rewards of all the recent shadow work.

    A full moon marks the end of a lunar cycle, when the moon is at its brightest and brightest. The energy of the full moon represents completion, action and emotional liberation in astrology, heightening tension and amplifying emotions. This moonlight can be dramatic, but it can also cleanse as you face your emotions and let go of things that no longer serve you.

    According to astrologer Rose Theodora of Intro, a website that connects you to experts, "The full moon often represents a turning point or a revelation of how far we have come." "The two light bodies that surround the planet can make it seem like we're being pulled in two separate directions: feeling emotionally sensitive and feeling the need to be."

    While the new moon is associated with reinvention, the full moon in March is the last month before true spring arrives, so it's important to know your goals and ambitions for the future. Read on to learn more about the spiritual significance of the March 2022 full moon.

    What does the worm moon mean spiritually?

    According to the Farmer's Almanac, the full moon in March 2022 is named after the earthworm, which is the first sign of spring. Sugar Moon, where maple sap flows down, and Lent, when the lunar calendar falls in March before the spring equinox, is another name for the full moon in March. Although the nickname of the March Full Moon suggests the arrival of spring, it has a spiritual meaning to make a new beginning, to break old habits and to hope for better wisdom.

    “The spiritual significance of the full moon is a signifier of life as the earth melts and softens and life emerges in the northern hemisphere,” Theodora adds. "Nature's bustling novelty heralding the arrival of spring is also the conviction that our lives will begin to warm up with greater vitality, optimism and direction."

    This month is in Virgo's highly organized sign, so you can be inspired to clean out your wardrobe, reorganize your space and plan for success. Virgos are known for their meticulous planning, preparation and attention to detail. Likewise, this month is a good time to organize your life. But it is also the time to give up unhealthy habits. Because your daily 6th house is managed by Virgo, it's a good idea to disconnect from the things that stand in the way of achieving the gigantic aspirations you've been dreaming of throughout the Pisces season.

    How to work with an incredible amount of snow March's full moon is accompanied by a harmonious six-dimensional aspect between the dreamy Sun of Pisces and the hardworking and hardworking Pluto of Capricorn, adding a cup of espresso to your professional goals and desires. . As the mighty Earth influences show off this lunar power, it's a wonderful moment to harness your inner CEO and take charge of your relationships, connections and public image.

    If you truly want to zero out your boss baby alter ego, Theodora recommends a sensible approach. "You can give order to your dream environment by performing a conscious ritual. "Make a list of ways you can be more forgiving of yourself and others." Don't let anxious thoughts and meetings interfere with your future plans.

    You can also get into the Virgo stream through the most traditional way of organizing. “Think about where you can give greater service and help others, where you can be more empathetic, and where you can create more order in your life.”

    Another way to take advantage of the full moon is to sow seeds. “Whether you are gardening or gardening, caring for the soil, planting it in pots, or bringing herbs into your home, you connect with the element of soil,” Theodora explains. Also, as Odora said, it is a good opportunity to 'commune with the ground barefoot' and express gratitude to nature.

    With the last day of the Pisces season, the year of astrology is coming to an end. The planet has a final pass for all final illumination before the start of the Aries season's vernal equinox: March 18, with a full moon in Virgo at 3:17 AM EST. If you're ready to receive it, this full moon is also known as a worm moon. Is it fun? — Highlights can be helpful in teaching. Here's everything you need to know about this madness and how to make the most of it.

    The full moon is usually in the opposite constellation of the sun, and the full moon in Virgo highlights the changing characteristics of Earth's constellations. They are sensible, watchful, and spiritually strong because they fight against Pisces stellium.

    March is the last month of winter. Spring has arrived, bringing vitality and vitality. The spiritual symbol of the Worm Moon represents a new beginning that is happening around you!

    Tiny flower buds climb through the soil, bringing incredible joy to the heart and soul. Birds, squirrels and other wild animals fly around and wonder if they share your optimism and excitement.

    It is time to sow the seeds that, literally or symbolically, will reap the benefits of a harvest later this year. What efforts and efforts can I put in now to help myself in the future? This is the moment when you need to be very clear about your goals and focus your efforts on achieving them.

    Each full moon has a unique name, which is determined by that month or season. By giving each full moon a name, people could think about how the seasons affect us and the natural world around us. There may be slight differences in the full moon names due to the source they come from. They have their roots in European and Native American history (Anglo-Saxons and Germanic peoples). Each full moon has its own guide and is full of interpretations and suggestions on how to celebrate it.

    When is the full moon in March 2022?

    The Worm Moon, named after the full moon in March 2022, will reach its peak on March 18 at 3:17 AM EST.

    What is the spiritual meaning of Worm Moon?

    The longer and brighter the day, the warmer and softer the soil becomes, the more earthworms appear. Birds flock in anticipation of fresh food. More evidence that spring is coming. The full moon is celebrated throughout the vibrant days of March.

    This modest indicator marks the end of dark and chilly days and the beginning of a new season. Earth awakens from its long hibernation.

    The spiritual symbol of the worm moon in full bloom in March is full of hope, optimism and new beginnings.

    Depending on the year, seasonal blue moons may occur, in which case a worm moon occurs after the vernal equinox.

    What is the date of Passover?

    The date of the Pass-kl Christian Easter celebration is determined by the full moon. This event is always held on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

    The 2022 vernal equinox will occur after the full moon on March 20. As a result, April's Pink Moon, which occurs on April 16, becomes the first full moon following the vernal equinox, with Easter on April 17.

    Communication with Worm Moon

    The spiritual significance of the worm full moon in March is that it is a powerful time for positive goals, magic and meditation.

    Here are our spiritual letters and aspirations to get you started!
    • fertility
    • rebirth
    • Intention for spiritual growth
    • optimism
    • idealism
    • doing the best
    • motivation
    • Inspiration
    • new development
    • best wishes

    Ideas for ceremonies and how to celebrate

    To help you celebrate the full moon in March, here are some worm moon rituals, intentions, and magical ideas.


    Keeping a diary for each full moon can help you keep track of your short-term (monthly) goals and thoughts. Take a moment now to think about life. What is the achievement you are most proud of? What goals do you still want to achieve? These goals can be large or small. What obstacles are you facing and how do you plan to overcome them?

    Writing is a good habit, and it's interesting to look back on. To see if your feelings and beliefs have changed or remain the same. It can also help you slow down and observe existing situations. Being fully present in the present moment.

    Storm water

    The full moon in March is also known as the storm moon because of the more frequent thunder, lightning and storms throughout March.

    Use a jar or bowl of your choice to collect strong, spicy rainwater. Rainwater can be used to wash crystals, utensils, ceremonial works and altars, and to generate moon water.

    Consider different applications of rainfall depending on the type of storm. A peaceful drizzle has a completely different atmosphere and energy than a violent thunderstorm. How can it be used in different ways for cleaning, meditation, rituals or consumption?

    Make your life more balanced

    We are very close to the vernal equinox in March. Find a way to balance your life, recognize it and respect it.

    Start by planting seedlings or seed bombs.

    We spent the winter planning and preparing. Now is the time to start! Depending on where you live, March can be a good month to start seedlings.

    You can craft a seed bomb as a goal and give it as a gift or plant it in your own garden. Wildflowers are a popular option, but let your imagination run wild! All you need is air-dried clay, potting soil and seeds.


    The full moon is a season of endless possibilities and passion! Now is a good time to pursue your main goals, such as starting a new career, starting a new company, or setting financial goals. Start working for your huge ambitions, but don't overdo it! You don't want to be tired! Big changes in your life are possible with a series of small actions, and now is your chance to sow the seeds!

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