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Spiritual Warfare Meaning

Spiritual warfare meaning

As Ephesians 6:12 states, our conflict is ultimately against the 'spirits of evil', suggesting that the fundamental battle is between good and evil. The forces of evil are waging a spiritual warfare for the human heart, trying to draw us away from God and away from God.

However, for those who have come to know God through Jesus, they have already won the war, just as Christ overcame death through resurrection. To be saved from the “second” death of the spirit, you must be born of a spirit through faith in Jesus.

The Bible warns us to be on guard against sin and guard our hearts from it. Like a vampire who must be invited into your house, evil can only infiltrate us if we allow it to dwell in our hearts. The first step in engaging in this great spiritual warfare is to admit that it exists and to examine your heart honestly. “Because the gospel reveals the righteousness of God, as it is written, The righteous will live by faith.

The subject of spiritual warfare with Satan is difficult for some Christians to think about. But the truth must be considered. We set ourselves up for the devil's tactics by denying that the devil exists and that all his purpose is to destroy us. Especially by his use of lies, we distrust God and his promises to us. "My people perish for lack of understanding".

The devil uses our mental space as a battlefield to wage war on us. One of his favorite tricks is to give us a lie and convince us that it is the truth. One of Satan's tricks is to show the worst-case future to frighten us. He may employ others to take advantage of our weaknesses and circumstances and to make us worry, discouraged, and depressed.

    But the devil's greatest trick is his attempt to convince us that we trust ourselves more than God and that our Father cannot be with him. In addition to Satan deceiving Eve in the Garden of Eden, the Bible records various instances of the devil deceiving God's children through individuals and situations.

    Spiritual Warfare Power of Prayer

    Recognize that the fight is going on and you are a part of it. Like it or not, we are all caught up in the spiritual battle between good and evil. If you do not engage in battle, you will still be affected by it, and you will be exposed to more wickedness than if you choose to fight at God's command. So, don't be passive, be active.

    Fight spiritually with the conviction that the power of God working through you is stronger than the power of Satan working against you. Your prayers can help individuals avoid unpleasant things happening to them and welcome positive things into their lives. Listen to the Holy Spirit's guidance on how best to pray for those who need it most. Then pray to promote the kingdom of God on earth and stop the spread of evil.

    Know who your commander is and support him. Jesus Christ commands two armies in spiritual warfare: the armies of holy angels in heaven and the armies of prayer warriors on earth. Jesus chose you, saved you, and gave you an eternal legacy of grace and dwells in your soul as the Holy Spirit.

    In spiritual warfare, Jesus wants you to choose his side and remember that the power he gives is stronger than evil. Your Commander Jesus is the greatest model of the prayer warrior. By studying his life on earth, we can learn to serve God fearlessly.

    Acknowledge your true enemy. Satan, the highest of the fallen angels who rebelled against God, is your enemy. Your adversary, accuser, tempter, and deceiver is Satan. He manipulates you to doubt God's truth and believe his lies instead. Choosing to rebel against God and sin opens the door for your adversary to attack you. It is important to resist the urge to sin and pray against Satan's plans to harm you and others.

    As you pray, be sure of your authority. You have the authority to pray in the name of Jesus, knowing that your requests will be answered at the right time according to God's plan. Be confident that you can use prayer to bring God's power to you in any situation.

    Lead your spiritual warfare to victory

    According to Strong's Greek consensus, the Greek term for "full armor" is panoplia. More specifically, having a complete arsenal of defensive and offensive weapons. According to the HELPS word study, God has given us these weapons to defeat our enemies. Also, "fighting with his wins rather than winning them" is a good idea.

    Consider the following scriptures about God's victory.

    Everyone born of God overcomes the world. And it is our faith that overcomes the world. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. The horse is prepared for battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.

    We often forget that Jesus Christ has already triumphed for us. Our enemies and our own goals have convinced us that we must fight for victory. According to the lie, we never won in the first place. The adversary was conquered when Jesus died on the cross for us. Jesus also gave us dominion over our enemies.

    "Behold, I have given you the power to trample snakes and scorpions, and the power of all enemies; nothing can touch you." But do not rejoice that the demon's surrender to you, but rejoice that your names are written in the book of life."

    God's Full Arsenal

    Therefore, put on the belt of truth, put on the breastplate of righteousness, and put on your feet the preparations of the gospel of peace, and stand up. In all circumstances, you can take the shield of faith and put out all the fiery arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    Jesus is the belt of truth, and we must always be on guard against him. It is important to turn to the Holy Spirit when your heart is on the battlefield. He will lead you to the truth. Paul's parable here shows that God's truth will always be with you and will keep everything in order.

    Continuing to pursue God's righteousness is the breastplate of righteousness. Christ has put our feet upon a rock, so the first thing we need is done. If we stay close to the gospel that gives us peace of mind, the peace it brings will enable us to endure and withstand any force that opposes us.

    The shield of faith puts faith in front of you, just as you protect yourself from enemy attacks. We do not walk by sight, but by faith. We put on the armor of faith because we are sure that God is already with us.

    7 Spiritual Warfare Warning Signs

    I've mentioned a few examples of spiritual attacks before, but it's important to know them all. Recognizing that you are in a spiritual warfare is the first step, and this list will help you do so.

    1. Anxiety, despair, mental health problems: Our own brains are perhaps Satan's most powerful weapon against us. We start to feel anxious, have hopeless thoughts, fight the desire to leave Earth, and our heads seem to explode with endless poisonous thoughts. This is most likely a spiritual attack, and when faced with it, you must first seek God.
    2. Facing the increasing temptation to sin: We always face the opportunity to sin, but there are moments when the temptation to sin becomes even stronger. Thoughts begin to randomly enter our minds as desires that are not pleasing to God. Then we fear that we will go back to our old behavior, but this is a trick. The enemy launches a massive attack.
    3. Loss of Motivation: God has given us the ability to motivate, and this is the ability to follow our purpose. We stagnate without it. Sometimes we want to overcome a lack of motivation, but even that can be exhausting. When this happens, it is a sign that you are in the middle of a fight.
    4. Unexpected illness or health problems: Sickness and sickness are not what God wants of us, but a tool our adversary can use against us. You may have caught a cold just before you preached the gospel, or you may be diagnosed with a more serious cancer, such as cancer.
    5. Lack of sleep: Our brain and body need sleep to function properly and stay healthy. If you don't get enough sleep, you won't be able to monitor and even prepare to attack. This can be seen as a spiritual attack as we go from 8 hours to 2 hours in seconds. Not getting enough sleep can lead to insomnia or even severe nightmares. Sometimes this can happen, but when it starts to become a habit, keep that in mind and pray for God's help.
    6. Experiencing frequent and unexpected losses/problems: Yesterday everything seemed great and great, but now the world seems to be falling apart. Terrible things happen one after another. You may be out of control and unclear why you are going through this, but God is with you at every step.


    The reason that the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Holy Spirit are together is that if you do not renew your heart regularly, you will be swayed by your thoughts and desires. Now that you have heard the report of Jesus, and have known the truth from him, put off the old sins and deeds that were defiled with greed and deceit. Instead, let the Holy Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. They are the parents of deceit, so they are wary of the deceitfulness of their enemies.

    It can be difficult to fully understand the dangers posed by invisible beings. God, on the other hand, warns us that spiritual warfare is very real and that we must arm ourselves with what God has given us. Our God the Parent provides everything we need to stand up against the adversary to love one another and reveal Christ to those who do not know Him, just as a loving father protects his children.

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