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Spiritual Meaning of Colors

Spiritual meaning of colors

Color elicits emotions while we are awake. Colors can also elicit emotional responses in dreams. Scientific REM studies show that we tend to dream with color, but we don't necessarily remember it. The color of a dream has a meaning that indicates not only the emotional state of the dreamer, but also his personality traits.

    In this article, we will look at the interesting meanings of colors in dreams.

    Colorful dream

    Dreams are characterized by the following aspects:

    Most individuals cannot remember dreams and believe that they are colorless.

    Only 25% of dreamers remember the colors they saw in their dreams. This is because individuals prefer to recall only the emotionally attractive aspects of their dreams and forget the rest.

    The colors and shapes of dreams are entirely due to internal input, which can be based on the dreamer's psychological connections to certain items and colors.

    Dream colors and their meanings

    Based on his own research, Hoss evaluated and assigned the following meanings for colors in dreams:


    A dream about red can indicate passionate or energetic, active, erotic or sensual cravings, a desire to get out, strong or powerful feelings, anything that indicates inflammation or harm.


    If you dream of orange, it can break your freedom, expand your sphere of influence, feel restless, motivated by ambition and hope, and yearning for more contact with people.


    Yellow in a dream can mean a change in the hope of finding a solution, feeling hope for the future, finding a way out of a difficult situation, or feeling better.


    Green represents a desire to establish oneself, a desire to be recognized, a desire to maintain control over events, a need for deadlines, a need for routine consistency, a need for financial security, a need to heal or improve health.


    In a dream, blue conjures images of stillness, stillness, stillness. It also means a need for relaxation, a connection in which the dreamer feels trusted and wants to belong.


    Purple in a dream means a mysterious unity with someone or something, a magical state endowed with desires, personal or sensual feelings, and even heightened intuition.


    Brown is often associated with dreamers who seek physical comfort through food, sleep, sex, and other means. Dirty brown in a dream means illness, but natural wood brown represents worries about the house, family or children, or a quest for one's origins and true self.


    Gray is a dream tint that indicates being neutral or an observer. Gray means avoiding events and obligations and performing actions without emotional involvement. It may also represent a person who is trying to avoid an anxious situation or a desire that the dreamer cannot define.

    Black color

    There is nothing more difficult than deciphering the meaning of dark colors in a dream. The flashy, luxurious black color means digging into your inner self in search of a new self. On the other hand, a dream in which the dreamer walks into darkness indicates that he is undergoing a personality change, feels threatened with life, or that fate has struck him. Black is also a hue associated with the unconscious.

    White can represent newness, new beginnings, new consciousness or a feeling of openness and acceptance, as well as being unprepared, alone, or lonely in a dream.

    Dream Interpretation of Bible Colors

    According to Jewish and Christian theologians, dreams are God's way of communicating with the dreamer. As a result, biblical color meanings in dreams are rich.

    Red: According to Bible color readings of dreams, red represents wisdom, but when interpreted negatively, it can also represent anger and battle.

    Blue: Blue is associated with despair, sorrow, and worry, as well as biblical revelation.

    Green: Green is associated with development and wealth, and unpleasant emotions such as jealousy and pride.

    Brown: Brown in dreams in the Bible represents humility, compassion, and a willingness to compromise.

    Gold or Amber: This shade is associated in the Bible with purity, holiness, and splendor. Gold is associated with one of its negative connotations: pollution.

    Purple: Purple dreams can symbolize royalty or power.

    Orange is a color that symbolizes persistence.

    Yellow: Fear, hope, and cowardice are some of the biblical themes associated with yellow.

    Pink is the color that expresses God's love. Pink is a mixture of red and white, each symbolizing the blood and purity of Jesus. In real life it also denotes sensuality and moral purity.

    White: In a dream, white can represent purity and justice.

    Black is associated with evil emotions and demonic activities such as sin, darkness, mystery, and death to name a few.

    We hope this color meaning will help you decipher what your dreams are trying to tell you.

    If you have a black and white dream, what does it mean?

    Many people, as previously said, are not aware of dreaming in black and white until they are startled by the explosion of color in their dreams.

    In everyday life, inflexible thinking is called the "black and white mindset." That is, they perceive reality only as extremes. That is, whether things are good or bad, there is right and wrong.

    A dream in which black and white stands out may differ from a dream in which there are no brightly colored elements. The frequent appearance of black and white in a dream may indicate that the dreamer is thinking in absolute terms, without taking into account other colors or views.

    Thinking in black and white isn't always terrible. For example, a dream in which the dominant color is black and white may simply indicate that the dreamer is overanalyzing a seemingly difficult scenario.

    What does the color of your dream mean?

    With the different color dream meanings to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for a particular dream. Here are some suggestions for deciphering color dreams.

    Our emotions can help us figure out which meaning is most appropriate. If in a dream you wake up with unpleasant feelings or feeling unwell, then the tone is almost certainly suitable for a negative interpretation. On the other hand, the more positive the emotional tone of a dream, the more likely it is that the image our dream draws is a happy image.

    Another great technique for figuring out the importance of color in a dream is to see which picture in your dream contains a tint. For example, a dream of a blue church is likely to convey the spiritual side of blue, whereas a dream of a blue bicycle may draw the dreamer's attention to childhood memories by simply emphasizing the importance of the bicycle and the meaning it represents, the freedom of a long-distance bike ride on a sunny summer day or the loyalty of a childhood friend.


    Many dreamers do not know that they are dreaming in black and white, and others who dream in color do not realize the importance of tones to illuminate the evening. Color is often just the setting for an exciting story.

    If you maintain a dream diary, it's a good idea to keep track of the colors that show often in your dreams, since color is often the key to decoding a dream's meaning.

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